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Hello Everyone! Music Executive @MichelleIbarra here bringing some breaking news!
During Kcon in Paris, France Jin fell and ended up hurting his neck while performing 'Save Me'. He had to keep performing, so he brushed the pain aside and kept on going with the songs. During the end however, Jin was showing signs of immense pain as he gripped the side of his neck. He then proceeded to cry, and Jimin was there to help him comfort him.
However even after BTS have gone back to Korea, airport pictures show that Jin's neck is still under distress. In these pictures, it is shown the he has to tilt his head to one side... It certainly does not look comfortable. I hope he feels better soon!


Hope his neck gets better! I feel really bad for him!!!
Poor Jin :( I hope he gets better soon so he can be the happy and caring Jin he is Can I be on the tag list please?
Oh Jin, I'm so sorry. Please Get better soon. 馃槩
poor baby ! I hope he gets better!
馃槩 I hope he feels well soon
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