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I have to admit this Ship is absolutely adorable! I really love this one! Levy got herself a badass for sure!! They balance themselves out!!!
Too cute....
Can't wait for NaLu to really happen!!! So excited!
O.M.G. Spoiler alert! If you haven't read the manga then avoid this last one! I'm like so happy to see what Gajeel said! The next chapter is probably going to be even more than what I expect. Is it bad of me to rush the days to get the next chapter?! Lol
Well I'll still have my fingers crossed. Maybe it won't be for nothing. Just maybe. It's hard to tell because Acnologia wants all dragonslayers dead as well. Mavis knows this big secret...Maybe Gajeel was sent back in time. The time when Lucy's mom accepted zerefs offer when she opened the door. I'm just throwing shit out there. Lol. Trying to be logical. It's hard to make Levy and Gajeel canon if they nvr accepted eachothers feelings to begin with. There's always a loophole. Levy is smart she'll find a way to get him back.
@jlo0219 yeah by the power of one of the main characters.... no as much as I want them together if hiro made this whole take gajeel to the underworld and then magically bring him back is kinda like messing up the whole story like a pointless act of gajeel
Idk I think feel like he's toying with us...but then again who would've thought E.N.D was Natsu in the first place. I'm hoping this is just some plan...Mavis might be able to bring Gajeel back...fingers crossed 😢😫
so hiro just said fuck Gale and the fans today
I love Gale so much!
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