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Rapper Ludacris ranks among the most successful musicians in this country, and various lists put the value of his business empire around $75 million. There's the Conjure Cognac line, Soul by Ludacris headphones and other investments, along with paydays from his movie and music career. Most rappers have used such wealth to build a garage of flashy cars; a few even go to great lengths to make sure people don't mistake their Lamborghini for just any old supercar. Which makes Ludacris' choice of a daily driver — a 1993 Acura Legend with 244,000 miles — all the more notable. As Complex notes, Ludacris has shown off his Legend repeatedly to his Instagram followers, and in a radio interview last week, the rapper said he drives the Acura more than any other car he owns — enough that he's had to replace the engine and interior. "This," he said, "is my favorite car to this day." The Legend was a huge hit in its era, so much so that Acura switched to using just letters for model names because the Legend brand was becoming more popular than Acura. Ludacris says he started driving the Acura in his early days around Atlanta, and would write lyrics in the car while driving to shows around the South. "That's where the grind started," he told the radio hosts. The Legend "keeps me humble, it keeps me grounded" — even when he driving up to his private jet. Source: Yahoo Autos
gotta keep it real in the dirty south
@takashi02 I don't know, i'll let you know when I get my private jet
yeah me too @leecatlee
all of a sudden i like ludacris a little bit more hahaha
@curtisb if i were in his situation I would do the same. With a private jet, collection of exotic cars, it would really be a good way to bring me back to reality hahaha.
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