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I dont know whats happening anymore Credits to owner
I love how something really serious happened and the kpop fandom is just sitting back laughing and making memes. I love that I can call these people family.
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@MadAndrea some girl posted a picture of a credit card like it had all the information and a lot of kpop fans started to actually use it to buy kpop merch and other expensive items the owner of the card is in huge debt now also it had to do with some 5sos fans I'm not completely sure but yeah
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@JackieG1617 agreed these are really funny. and the people who used it are kind of dumb considering they'd have to use their own address to ship things
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The whole thing is really stupid but these tweets are cracking me up
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@MadAndrea true well that's what happens when you are desperate ūüėā jkjk but it did seem a little tempting however I didn't even see the actual picture of the card ūüėā
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