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Anime: Vampire Knights Idk tbh, I feel like I would think it's all a dream and go back to sleep, then wake up screaming realizing that it real o////o.......
I would roll over mumbling that it's an awesome dream that I don't want to wake up from
I'd questioned it, telling myself it's just a dream, but once I know it's real I will never let him go 馃槏
I would call out of work
Well what I would probably do is squeak like a mouse and then if he was still asleep slowly reach over and poke his shoulder to make sure he was real and if he was real and still asleep I would start chanting OMG OMG OMG in my head and then slowly like 1/4 of an inch per second wrap an arm around his waist and go back to sleep with the biggest smile in the world!
Well, idk. I'm so random that I'll b scared if we did something bad. Or, maybe I might just look at him/her till she/he wakes. Still have no idea, but is a dream/wish that will never going to happen馃槄
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