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Genre: Angst, Vampire AU, Slight horror
Pairing: Reader x Jungkook
Length: 1825 words
Summary: Love bites? Like hell it does.
Part: 3/?
I woke up, panting and sweating. I was tied up with these heavy chains, my arms suspended above my head- I shit you not, they were actual metal chains. As soon I came round, I knew something was off.
I could hear whispers when no one was in the room with me. I thought they were in my head, until I recognised a few of the names being said. “Taehyung, where the hell is Jin hyung? He was supposed to me keeping an eye on her”, someone hissed.
I gasped. How the hell could I hear that? My breathing quickened at the whispering stopped- like they had heard me. I could even hear the blood rushing through my veins but heartbeat. My heart wasn’t beating. Jungkook had...killed me? Was I dead?
I heard a shuffle of feet outside, and I tensed. I no longer felt weak, as I started tugging at the chains. “Get everyone down here, she’s awake. New vampires are always hell.”
After someone gave that order, the door opened, letting in too much light. I hissed- actually hissed- at the sudden intensity. As my eyes adjusted I saw 3 men stood before me. One was Jungkook. I think the other was Yoongi. I couldn’t remember the name of the one who had attacked me from behind, before Jungkook had pushed him away.
“Jimin, are those chains strong enough?”, Yoongi asked, eyeing me warily. Ah, Jimin- that was his name. What a prick. “They should be hyung. They worked for Namjoon hyung’s girl when she was turned.”
Another, taller figure appeared out of nowhere- I recognised him as Namjoon- and the rest of them soon followed. “I thought I told you not to mention her in this house you punk”, Namjoon growled. Jimin just stayed quiet.
Now seven boys were stood before me. I couldn’t remember if there had been seven of them out in the street before I passed out, but I could only assume so.
“What the fuck did you do to me?”, I growled. I was shocked by how animalistic my voice sounded, but none of them looked fazed. “It’s OK y/n”, Jungkook consoled, stepping forward.
I did my best to shuffle away from him, and he stopped. “I don’t even know you. Yet you have me tied up and you’re telling me everything’s gonna be OK?” I tugged at the chains harder, and the boys looked alert as they noticed some of the plaster crumble and fall on me.
“I turned you”, the sound of his voice would have soothed me in any other situation. The velvety sound washing over me, making me feel at peace...except right now I was a hostage- and as far as I was concerned he was dangerous.
“You killed me”, I snarled. My chest was heaving from the anger and a surprising hatred I felt towards all of them. Deep down I knew this wasn’t me, this wan’t y/n, but it was like I had to hate them- like it was an instinct.
“She’s still hypersensitive to everything. Look at her eyes... Be careful”, another boy warned. “Thanks Jin hyung, you’re so fucking helpful”, Jimin snapped.
I tugged once more, and to my surprise, my left hand came away, along with a chunk of the ceiling. “Shit”, Namjoon muttered, as he watched me shakily get to my feet. I was stumbling like some sort of drunk.
“She won’t be able to get through all of us”, Yoongi whispered under his breath but I heard him clearly. I cocked my head wondering why they were just standing there, not doing anything. The I figured, instead of wasting time, I should get out of here, away from these freaks.
Using my left hand to pull at my right arm, I managed to release myself with a sharp cry. I watched in fascination as the bruises on my wrists slowly started to fade. This was all so strange. Maybe I would wake up and be back in my bed, back in that boring student accommodation, back to when I was alive.
My lip curled up in anger as I remembered once again that my heart was no longer beating. I had intended to run up to the nearest person to me in a threatening gesture, but what I ended up doing was slamming him into the wall, my hand on his neck. It took me a moment to comprehend how fast I had moved across the room.
“Shit!”, I heard Jin curse. “Someone get her off Taehyung!” I was starting to think this ‘Jin’ person wasn’t someone who liked getting his hands dirty. Taehyung, as I now knew his name, tried to get me off, clawing away at my hand, to no avail.
“Why did you kill me?”, I demanded to know. “We...didn’t kill you..we..turned you!”, he gasped. I tightened my grip, even though part of me was screaming at myself to let go of him.
“Then why the fuck don’t I have a heartbeat?!” I barked. “Hyung, get her off!”, Taehyung yelled to someone behind me.
“Ok, that’s enough”, a voice lazily spoke up. I didn’t need to turn to know the owner of the distinct drawl was Yoongi. I felt firm arms being wrapped around my waist and me being pulled away effortlessly from Taehyung. I saw the dark bruises I had left on his neck, but it wasn’t long between they too started to fade.
Yoongi was a lot stronger than he looked. I kicked and thrashed, yet he stood there like stone, whispering ‘shhh’ in my ear. “Y/n, calm down”, Jungkook tried again. He mirrored everyone else’s slightly shocked expressions.
On instinct, I immediately listened, my brain formulating yet another plan to get out of here. My muscles relaxed and Yoongi immediately stopped whispering at me to try and calm me down. Did these idiots really think telling me to calm down was actually going to calm me down?
I had just woken up and I was technically dead. I could hear things I wasn’t supposed to hear. I was healing and moving at ungodly speeds. Of course I was going to freak the fuck out.
“You want to know why I turned you?”, he asked softly. I noticed that Taehyung had walked around us and was now standing the furthest away from me, his hand subconsciously resting on his neck.
I stared at Jungkook waiting for him to speak, trying to ignore Yoongi’s arms still wrapped firmly around my waist. “I’ve not been a vampire for long. Only 50 years. And in that time I’ve been surviving on whatever the hyungs catch for me. I’ve never enjoyed anyone else’s blood. Until I saw you.”
“You should’ve drank me dry. Better than keeping me prisoner and turning me into a monster”, I spoke quietly but harshly.
“A few of the hyungs have had someone now....And now I’ve finally found someone too. You seem different to all the other girls I’ve come across”, he continued, completely ignoring me. “I...couldn’t just kill you. I need you.” OK, he was attractive. But he was also crazy, that was confirmed.
I glanced around the room to see if anyone else was finding his behaviour strange, but if the neutral looks on their pale faces were anything to go by, this was completely normal.
Jungkook stepped closer to me, a lot less cautious of the fact that I could lash out even with Yoongi holding me. “Don’t look at them, only me.” I complied, trying to soften my hard gaze, making it look like I was completely submissive to him.
“Hyung”, he whispered. “Let her go.”
I could tell Yoongi was hesitant as he slowly let go of me and went to stand with the rest of the boys behind Jungkook. Jungkook’s eyes flashed red as we both stood there staring at each other.
I calculated my movements. If I could dash past Jungkook, I could get to the door faster than anyone of them could react. To my delight, my plan worked. We were in a basement of some sort because there were stairs as soon as I left the room. I stopped at their front door two seconds later, not knowing how to open it.
I heard Yoongi’s voice. “I fucking knew she’d run”, and loads of orders of “Go after her” and “get her back!” I looked outside, my face falling. When I had lost consciousness, it had been night time. Right now the sun was out...I must have been out cold for hours. I heard footsteps behind me but didn’t turn, as I was too busy hitting the door with my fists, trying to get out.
“Nice try y/n.” Namjoon’s voice made me whirl around. “Hoseok, what should I do to knock her out?” He had a nasty smirk on his face. “Slam her head against the door or break her neck?” The man named Hoseok just chuckled. Funnily enough, I didn’t share their sense of humour.
“You’ll do neither hyung”, Jungkook warned, appearing between me and Namjoon. “Get the fuck away from me”, I rasped to all them. I had a wild craving for something that I couldn’t pin point, but it was making my throat go dry.
“You sound thirsty”, Jin spoke. “Namjoon where’s the body you caught earlier?”
“Jungkook finished it off.”
“Body?”, I whispered, and they all looked up- some of them looked amused and some concerned. Jimin was one of the ones who looked amused. “Babe”, he crooned. I saw Jungkook tense but he didn’t say anything.
“We’re vampires, predators . We need human blood to survive." I stared at him in disgust, and he opened his mouth to speak again. “Anyway, seeing as you’ll be living with now, I wanted to apologise for when I grabbed you earlier-”
“-Good”, I growled, not wanting to get friendly with him, or in fact any of them. I actually wanted to cry, but the only emotion I could muster up was anger, and I hated it.
“Let me finish. I said I wanted to apologise, but because you keep trying to fool us, I changed my mind.”
“If you try to run again”, Namjoon’s deep voice resonated throughout the large room, “I will rip your heart out and shove it down your throat. It’s a great talent of mine.” My eyes darkened at his threat.
Something inside me snapped. I didn’t even account for our massive height difference or his immense strength compared to mine as I stepped up to him. Jungkook grabbed me to stop me as Namjoon let out a guttural laugh.
“Go easy on her Namjoon. She’s not herself right now.” That was Yoongi’s words of wisdom. I shrugged Jungkook off me with brute force and he stumbled back, regaining his balance quickly.
The anger was still there but as I glanced at the seven other vampires surrounding me, one thing was for sure. I was trapped.
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Yasss I'm so excited for this series!! Haven't read a good vampire fanfic in ages
I want more of this story! 😫😫😫 it always has a cliff hanger! Why are you torching me!
When Namjoon said he'll rip her heart out a shove it down her throat...YAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSS DO IT!!!
damn I wanna see her Fuck some shit up lol.
i fucking love this story so much.
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