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Ok first things first...AHHHHHHHH AFSHIERDF!!!! It's just the teaser and I can barely handle it...it's just too much...the earrings, the lip rings, the ripped jeans, shirtless Kyungsoo, Jongdae's sexy look, them going against the whole community...I don't think I can handle the full mv and the comeback stages...
Before I start the theories I want to address these people dressed in SWAT uniforms....I think they represent the society as a whole (You will understand why I said that in a minute). Also I think that Monster (Lyrics about a crazy and obsessive love that is hard to give up) comes after the Lucky One (Lyrics talk about a man who wants to find his destined lover)
Now coming back to the beginning of the teaser....you see a car burning and the next thing you see is Chanyeol is in a CAR!!! I'm pretty sure that the police of doom put him there to burn him alive
You see people wearing masks (not the police of doom) throughout the teaser...I think they are all "special" and the society is not happy about that...they experimented on them in the Lucky One teaser and now they are trying to kill them (A failed experiment? Couldn't cure them?)
Anyway they show EXO being beaten to a pulp throughout the teaser for being different (or dangerous?)...*sobs*
This scene actually gives me shivers...look at them come in like kings...for me this scene symbolizes family or a brotherhood...
However, further in the teaser we see those damn assault sticks again...I think the breaking of the plates symbolize the society trying to break the up family (EXO)
But one thing stood out for me....Kyungsoo siting on top of the fence...above all those CCTV cameras....it looks like an act of defiance... Also I think the guy in the mask is Kyungsoo, the short hair, the round jaw...its got to be Kyungsoo...
PS I believe Kyungsoo is shirtless guys!!! I repeat KYUNGSOO.IS.SHIRT.LESS!!!
After watching the teaser I think Kyungsoo, Sehun and Kai are the only ones that escape...I mean each of them are in the same places the other members were attacked...

Lyrics Theory

SM said that and I quote "The title track “Monster”, co-produced by Kenzie and LDN Noise, is a dance song with lyrics about a crazy and obsessive love that is hard to give up" This is honestly one of EXO's dark songs up-to-date...So maybe EXO is dangerous and we shouldn't pity them???
This is legit every EXO-L out there

Kai is watching you!!!

#Kaisoo4ever XD
Oh gawd!!!!!! Your theory is going to have my brain racking tonight!!!!
@clandrea170 I watched it again. I think you are right😿😿😿
@clandrea170 my eyes say he has like a white tank/tee on! 😹