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Hello Christina here! I thought I would ask you guys What Show/Movie made you cry? Not talking about Clannad cry since that was almost every episode I'm talking about the ones that were in the moment in each Anime Show/Movie. I picked 2 Anime shows and 1 Anime Movie that really made me cry and these three will still make me cry to this day.

Warning, there will be spoilers for those who haven't seen These Anime Show/ Movie's. You Have been Warned

Without Further a due lets get started!

Anime Shows:

Fairy Tail!

These are the Following Scenes that really made me cried

Furture Lucy's Death

Good-bye Aquarius

Igneel's Death

These are the top 3 scenes from this show that have made me cry. These 3 made me go through an entire box of tissues because how much it made me cried

Fullmental Alchemist: Brotherhood

An Alchemist's Anguish

There were many of scenes that made me cry. But the top scene that I picked really got to me since I love Kids and Animals ....But combing them together, I can't, I...I just can't. Every time I see this episode or memes of Nina and her dog combined together, I'm like that Gif where Ed is about to beat Shou Tucker

Anime Movie:

Pokemon The First Movie!

Wake Up Ash

In Pokemon The First Movie, I remember balling my eyes out to this scene, How can you not cry when Pikachu cries over Ash turning into stone. He does come back through Magical Pokemon Tears. I watched this again years later and again.....I cried. No matter how old I get, I'll never stop watching this

So what are your top scenes from a anime movie or show that made you cry?

Angel Beats.... 😔
YOUR LIE IN APRIL😭😭😭. I cried for days
1.Fairy Tail during the chariot race when Natsu explains to Sting why he fights so hard even though he looks like a fool on screen. His words touched my heart 😭 I'm still not as far along in fairy tail, but now that I know other people are dying I'm surely going to cry. 2. When ash let butterfree go. 3. when ash almost let pickachu go. 4. when ash lost at indigo league. 5. when celebi died in the 4th movie and ash couldn't feed it berries. 6. when pikachu cried over ash dying 7. anyone crying in any pokemon movie out there I will cry 8. cried when itachi died 9. cried when neji died 10. can't bring myself to watch ace die 11. the list will seriously go on......
definitely Pokémon first movie I was balling. sailor moon when prince diamond died. Naruto when jiriya died and sorry i misspelled it.
@TwyStar lol OMG yes! and Akio I loved Akio
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