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So today I was called a Koreaboo. And this woman had to explain that it was someone who was obsessed with Kpop and Korea etc... And I kinda just laughed it off because it's true. Whenever I find something that I like, I'm going to be addicted to it at first. It will probably wear off in a year. But she was telling me to stop laughing. "Stop laughing you're supposed to be insulted." I told her I wasn't. And her reply, "You need to stop being dumb." So I guess the only correct action for me to do is to drop this newfound passion. Now she just continues to call me Koreaboo. I suppose I should give up on the only music that actually lifts me up anymore. Go back to the annoying meaningless lyrics of Western Pop and Hip Hop. Right? Isn't that the right thing to do?
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I mean I'm not copying the style. I don't try to do aegyo except maybe a peace sign here or there. I don't try to dress like an idol or try to blend in with the Korean crowd. I just am a fan of the idols and I wish to learn Korean and listen to Kpop in peace.
I know that I could never become Korean. It's against my genetics. Listen to the music yes. Learn the language? Maybe with practice. Possibly move there? Hmmm not enough money. But sometimes I accidentally say Omo. It just slips and she says "shut up Koreaboo." I'm sorry I didn't mean to it was an accident!
馃槖馃槖馃槖 Don't give "that woman" that much power over you. She was looking to put you down and see you get worked up or hurt over it to make herself feel better.....and that's just sad and ugly.
from what i know a koreaboo is someone gives up their own culture and language for the the korean one. they also only date people because they are korean and nothing more. learninng the language and loving the music does not make u a koreaboo. so dont give up
@HearMeRawrr honestly, who is that person? if this music makes you happy then be it! even if you wanted to learn the words and the style.. no one owns a type of thing, you know why? Because in the u.s people say oh that's for black people or that is for white.. in korea people in certain groups wear dreads and dress as someone people usually would say ( oh thats black) which is so dumb, be who you want to be! I'm a latina raised in u.s that has always loved all asian things... plus how else could we practice the language? You know how many times I say chincha during the day now lol?
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