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I decided I would take part in this well because I can never get enough of them.
#1 The amazing Jay park one can never get enough of him.
#2 Youngbae aka Taeyang <3 ( Yes I know he is higher than Jiyong O.O!)
#3 Kwon Jiyong ( this is way to hard can I quit now?)
#4 Daesung ( guys I'm done I can't pick anymore xD)
#5 Panda! ( Why is this so hard!)
#6 Loco ( I really can't pick anymore >_>)
#7 Gary ( This is seriously too hard guys xD)
#8 Top ( why is bae so low!)
#9 Simon ( Wait why is he so far down too!)
#10 Uglyduck ( How did you guys do this!)
#11 Chacha ( no seriously I'm done)
#12 Elo ( seriously the only picture I could download none of the others would!)
I feel your pain this list was so hard I had to put my aomg babies lower killed me but I love this!
loveee thissss.... butthe pain is real !!! 🙈
@LocoForJiyong Mine is all over the place xD