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before anyone asks me why I'm the panda in BBMG ...its my rave name so.. Okay so here is my tribute to the challenge as a member of BBMG. (original) My tip for all of those that do this challenge.

Do it without thinking.

so lets get this show on the road... and I'm going backwards...

so my #12


I swear this little shiz is camera shy if it wasn't for jay he wouldn't show his handsome face. . . . my number 11 is...

Kang Daesung

Before anyone gets upset over him being my 2nd to the last... I love my angel to death but I see him like the big brother I always wanted. Not as a sexy yumyum. That why he is 11th . . . Number 10 is...


he is my mysterious man. Like for the love of all k-hiphop shere did he come from. Why is he so handsome...and why does he look great with everyone haha . . . my number 9 is...


His deep voice and charisma gets everyone, I swear. I can't help but watch anything he acts even Even when they kill him off in almost all of his movies... like serious... why must you kill him of... WHY!? My number 8 is...
My Twinnie Bro.

Ugly Duck

I secretly sweat this kid. He funny cute sweet and loving. Oh if I get to see him ever, I would love to hug him. My number 7 is...
sweet and sexy

Dong Young Bae

honestly how can one not fall for this man. When he sent @BBxGD lovies and support, I fell more in love with him. YB come holla at me when your girl acts up ;) My number 6 is...
Chubby Cheek


The AOMG tour is what killed me. He was just too adorable not to love. than there @LocoforJiyong event....I WANT MY POTATO WEDDING MISSY hahaha . . . Number 5 is...
I need a

Cha Cha B-Boy

6 LONG YEARA....6! I have been is loyal fan for that long thanks to Jay of course. And man has he matured....he even sweet enough to reply to you if you snap chat him. Oh he makes me smile.... . . . My number 4 is...
G G G G Baby Baby

G Dragon

oh 2010 he was my UB. He was also the person that introduce me to Kpop with his solo track HeartBreaker. . . . Number 3 is...

Jay The Big Mac Park

been a loyal fan since he was in jyp's 2pm. He forever making me a proud J-Walker. He gotten older wise and matured so much. He even inspiration... forever inspiring me to write. . . . Number 2 is .... ugh no not.. okay fine...

Simon Dominic!

I swear this man makes me need all kinds of help. In Apirl and May he was number 1...but that panda is a sly one haha. The things simon does to me oh man... He is the only man I would bare a child for too. . . . My King ...My Husband...My number One...

Seungri oppa!

@LocoForJiyong good cause when you do i can have little simon babies
potato wedding in the making locos been a busy man but it will happen😂😂
@exolover101 I'm good finally getting some relaxation
@MarrickeJ33 pretty good how about you?
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