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What's your favorite part or moment from the Arc so far?!

When Gajeel admitted he loves Levy!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!
@AimeBolanos I actually wanna see Irene fight. She'll probably fight Erza. Who do you think would win?
@IzaakQuiroz I cried when I saw Happy like that poor Happy TuT
It was when Zeref explains to Natsu about the dragon slayers and how he is END and if he died Natsu would die too and Happy got really sad and from that part on it was totally awesome
I'd imagine his battle with Eileen would be short as well do to it being interrupted I doubt she'll come out injury free. not to take away from her because I have no idea what she can do but the fact he can shrug off igneels attack like a bad itch besides getting his arm tore off. Which didn't phase him in the slightest is scary enough hopefully he's not defeated with talk no justu
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