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Idk what's really considered "fighter" anime but I'm going with Naruto. Every single fight in this anime has so many feels and emotions... Keeps your eyes locked on the tv screen and your butt glued to your chair. ❤️
HONORABLE MENTIONS Bleach. I really cannot choose one anime for this. So Naruto, along with all these honorable mentions are in reality, all tied. (:
One Piece My most favorite fight in the history of all fights is one from OP.. I won't say which one yet because that's apart of this challenge. (:
Akame Ga Kill This anime has AMAZINGLY badass fights... Even though someone usually always dies in every fight. 😩
Hunter X Hunter Every anime that I'm in love with (which there's more than I can count) have an extremely large number of fights so again, I don't really know what's considered a fighter anime.
I'm sure it probably is. (: @LuffyNewman
I can def agree with Naruto as well, emotions within every fight, even the villians!! It's a literal crazy roller coaster of emotions anime that is truly a legend!! Can't wait to hear your fav OP fight, I think I know but I def wanna wait and see if it's the same as mine or one of my favs as well!! Haha
and naruto 😂😂
my favorite fighter is hoska from hxh
FAIRY TAIL!!! (But i also agree with Naruto XD)
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