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Ok so i have been writing this story for awhile now. I don't have many chapters but this story deals with some personal things. When Big Bang came out with Lets Not Fall In Love, that song came out at the right time when i was going through some things. That song explain my situation from the beginning to the end.
The Story is called I Really Like You, but I Can't Love You. The story is about 2 best friends who have known each other for 20 years.
Can a guy and a girl just be friends without crossing that line?
Kwon Ji Yong and Lexi Jung (Soo In) have been best friends for 20 years and counting. They never, at least that they know of, thought of crossing the line that could make or break them. What happens when jealous and heartbreak come in between them? Can they survive or will it be the end of 20 year friendship.
Soo In/ Lexi Park
Age: 24
Born in the states and lived there for the first five years of her life. Then moved to South Korea because of her fathers work. She has one older brother who is never around. Met Ji Yong at the neighborhood playground. Both went to the same grade, middle, and high school together. Now both in college together. Her major is writing and history. She loves to read and draw. When she is asked to she helps Ji Yong and his friends with their underground rap and dance battles.
She has thought about if there could be more then friendship with Ji Yong but never said anything about it to anyone. Not even Ji Yong.
She goes by Soo In more then Lexi. She uses Lexi when she is around BigBang
Kwon Ji Yong/ G-Dragon
Age: 25
Upon first meeting Lexi he thought she was lonely. Been friends with her for 20 years. They been through everything together. First date, first kiss, and first heartbreak. He is a member of an underground group called Big Bang. He loves writing music and singing. When he wants to he sings to Lexi. Ji Yong asked Lexi to help with the rapping and singing. Mostly asking for her opinion. He to has thought about crossing the line and wanting more. Though he steps back and he hasn't told anyone. Most nights he spends the night with Lexi.
Ji Yong is starting to see who Soo In is after 20 years of friendship.
Dong Young-bae/ TaeyangAge: 25He is close with Ji Yong and teases both Lexi and Ji Yong about being a couple. He secretly likes Lexi but doesn't want to hurt Ji Yong. Reason he can tell that Ji Yong likes Lexi. He is a member of Big Bang and he asks Lexi to help him with the dancing. However he hates seeing Soo In hurt by Ji Yong most of the time.
Then there is BigBang. The members of the underground. They all look up to T.O.P and G-Dragon. Lexi calls them by their stage names. She tends to forget names at times. T.O.P has graduated form college and teaches music to others. Daesung same age as Lexi but not that close with her he tends to keep to himself more. Seungri is the youngest and he is quick to catch onto things. Like he can tell that both Lexi and Ji Yong act like they are more then friends.
The other members I try my best to have them within the story.
Like I said that this story is based on personal stuff. I have a best friend who i have feelings for. However he doesn't know but i know that he has feelings for me. He and I both are not willing to cross that line. Some stuff that i have been through with him is in this story, though i have made it to where some things are different.
Here is the link where you can read it. I post it on Wattpad but i also post it on asianfanfics.
With asianfanfics i have it to were others have to subscribe to it. I do this because i am still writing the story. So if you want check it out and let me know what you think.