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Ocean-Inspired Ombre

Bored of your silver hair? Add a splash of aqua to keep things cool. Remember, dark on the top and light on the bottom!

Chunky Fishtails

There's no doubt fishtail braids are the braids for summer! Try it yourself: Style 1: Make a topsy tail and finish it off with a fishtail braid.
Style 2: Split hair in half and fishtail braids two sides. Flatten it out to make it the braids more chunky.

Boho Braid

Doesn't this remind you of a fairy tale princess? To recreate this style, curl your hair and make a loose fishtail in the back.
Lol Fairy Tail. Love that anime. Fairy Tale
@AliceDarkfield haha good eyes!!! No one can escape fairy tail.
@AliceDarkfield @cindystran lol it's a spell error. Just updated it.
If I had a girlfriend, the Boho Braid would look amazing