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GUYSSSS... Lately I've been wanting a KPop ringtone but I don't know which one to get!! 馃槱馃槱 please any recommendations! And also where can I get them from?
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@edayth98 or buy the official ringtone.
I have VIXX Superhero, SHINee View, T.A.O ZTAO and a few others. I wake up to SHINEE and have 2PM I'll be back for a voicemail. TAO for coworkers ringtones.
My alarm is EXO Kai alarm. My ringtone for calls is Boy in Luv by BTS. My messaging or notification sound is Jimin from BTS excuse me. Also i have Jimin you got jams. I got mine from Zedge app
EXUUSE MEE on of Jimin XD
I get mine from the app 'Zedge'