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Kpop ringtone?
GUYSSSS... Lately I've been wanting a KPop ringtone but I don't know which one to get!! 馃槱馃槱 please any recommendations! And also where can I get them from?
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@edayth98 or buy the official ringtone.
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I have VIXX Superhero, SHINee View, T.A.O ZTAO and a few others. I wake up to SHINEE and have 2PM I'll be back for a voicemail. TAO for coworkers ringtones.
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My alarm is EXO Kai alarm. My ringtone for calls is Boy in Luv by BTS. My messaging or notification sound is Jimin from BTS excuse me. Also i have Jimin you got jams. I got mine from Zedge app
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EXUUSE MEE on of Jimin XD
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I get mine from the app 'Zedge'
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