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PLEASE READ >.< : (A/N: Hey guys! So I had a sudden burst of inspiration and decided I would work on the chapter. I never expected to finish this chapter so soon. Anyways, I've been multi-tasking a lot lately with this fan fiction and school and life in general. On the bright side, I'm almost done with school *gets excited just thinking about it* BUTTT along with school ending comes final exams *cries* ;-; Tomorrow starts a week of full review for my upcoming exams at school and then the week after that is the week I actually take them. Long story short, because of how hectic things are becoming as of now, I may or may not be able to post a chapter during that time. I'm trying very hard to update my chapters on a regular basis (not doing so well lol) and with all these exams coming up, I don't know if I'll have the time to post anything, so I can't promise any updates these 2 upcoming weeks. I hope you all understand >.< After exams are over, summer vacation starts, and I'll definitely have a lot more time on my hands to post chapters :D

But for now please enjoy Chapter 4!

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Disclaimer: This story may contain some mature themes, please read at your own risk, thank you~
“Jocelyn,” he stated, no visible expression on his face to show what he was feeling.
I felt like a deer caught in between headlights. I sat there anxiously, praying to the heavens to take me out of this unbelievably awkward situation. Jimin spared me a side glance, probably sensing how uncomfortable I was at the moment.
“This is my friend y/n,” he told Jocelyn gesturing in my direction, “Y/n, this is Jocelyn, she’s a family friend.”
She faked a super cheerful smile and held out her hand to me. I hesitantly took her hand to shake. Her grip on my hand was very loose, almost as if she hated the idea of even touching my hand.
“I’ve known Jimin since we were little kids, our parents are really close friends so went spent a lot of time together.” she looked in Jimin’s direction.
I nodded subconsciously, but something in me did not like the way Jocelyn talked about knowing Jimin longer, almost as if she was bragging. This inferior feeling she was trying to force upon me wasn’t making me feel any better. I mean I had just met Jimin yesterday, I barely knew anything about him.
Jocelyn completely disregarded my presence as she continued trying to make small talk with Jimin. He kept a pretty normal composure, it didn’t seem like he was either happy or annoyed. I tried reading his face for an expression but I got nothing.
“So anyways how’s your mother doi-” she began to ask.
“She’s fine.” he answered curtly, but what changed was the way he looked her in the eyes, almost advising her not to speak anymore about that subject.
She closed her mouth instantly nodding, her mouth a firm line. I wanted to know more, but judging by Jimin’s expression, I wouldn’t push him to talk about it if he didn’t want to.
After what felt like forever, which was probably only about 5 minutes, she stated that she needed to leave. She went up to Jimin and gave him a hug which he returned. The sight slightly annoyed me, but I dismissed that emotion.
She turned and for some reason started heading towards me for a hug. I was so confused when she embraced me but I returned the hug as well. I tried to pin-point her reason for hugging me but it all became crystal clear in a single moment.
Back off.
I fine whisper found it’s way into my ear. It wasn’t until she had let go of me, that I had processed what she had whispered in my ear. She smiled at me and began to walk away from Jimin and I.
I also noticed that once Jocelyn left, Jimin noticeably less tense, and became more relaxed.
He looked over at me and grinned.
“That tickle battle we had is far from over.” he smirked mischievously.
It only took a few seconds before I was full on sprinting around the park, him hot on my trail.
After fooling around until noon in the park, we decided it would be nice to stop by some shops on the curb. The were numerous clothing and thrift shops, along other stores as well.
We walked into a mini mart that sold lottery tickets and snacks. There was no one inside the store besides a nice elderly woman as a cashier. I aimlessly roamed the aisles, looking at different products meanwhile Jimin was eyeing the candy shelves.
Jimin came up to me and put something in my hand. When I looked down, I was staring at a package of bubblegum.
“I bet I can blow a bubble faster than you, ” he stated smugly. I looked at him incredulously, where the hell does he come up with these ideas?
“Oh really?” I asked, challenging him.
We went up to the counter and paid for the gum. We decided to stay in the shop because of the chilly weather outside.
I took a piece of gum, as did he, and soon enough, we both were hurriedly trying to make a bubble. The elderly woman watched our little battle, amused.
Jimin attempted several times to make a bubble, but to no avail. With every attempt he struggled more, until there was a visible protruding vein on his neck every time he tried to blow the gum.
“It’s the gum. It’s literally rubber,” he complained.
He looked at me with desperation, but I just chewed for a moment and then smirked at him, catching him of guard. I waited a moment and then blew my bubble. My first attempt successful.
He mumbled to himself as I laughed triumphantly. I patted him on the back and he glared at me, but his eyes softened and he laughed along with me.
The elderly woman interrupted our bubblegum ordeal as she says, “You two are too cute. Make such a wonderful couple.” she smiled.
Before I could clear the misunderstanding with her, an arm was resting on my shoulders, pulling me in close. Surprised, I looked to my side to see Jimin smirking and looking down at me.
“Really miss? Why thank you, I have to say I’m a very lucky guy indeed.” he winked at me. My heart stopped and heat instantly rushed to my face as I still stared wide-eyed at him.
We left the shop, meanwhile I tried to calm down my racing heart. He was grinning from ear to ear, chuckling to himself.
“What was that all about Jimin?! Why did you lie to her?” I asked exasperatedly.
“Calm down y/n. It was a joke, but she looked so happy, I couldn’t help myself.” he smiled. My heart sank a little as he said ‘joke’ but I mentally scolded myself for getting upset over nothing.
We continued walking down the block until we reached a bench. We sat down to rest for a little bit.
While I zoned out looking at nothing in particular, Jimin spoke out of nowhere.
“Plus, it wasn’t a complete lie, I’m very lucky to have met you, y/n,” he smiled. My heart began to race again for the thousandth time today. We sat there in comfortable silence.
Jimin checked the time on his phone and quickly got up from his seat on the bench.
Startled from the sudden movement, I got up from the bench as well.
“Is something wrong Jimin?” I asked worriedly.
“No, no it’s nothing. I just lost track of time and remembered I had something to do.” he stated. I wanted so badly to ask him what, but for some reason my conscious was telling me not to ask.
“I’ll walk you back home. After all it would be rude of me to let you walk home alone. Not to mention dangerous.” he said. He started walking and I followed in tow. He didn’t realize until a bit later that he had no idea where my house even was, which gave me a burning suspicion that something was worrying him.
We got to my house and walked up to my front door. The sun was setting, casting an orange glow throughout the sky.
“Thank you so much for today, I had a lot of fun.” I smiled genuinely.
“I had a lot of fun too y/n. Let’s do this again sometime soon,” he grinned.
I nodded my head. It’s been awhile since I laughed and had a good time, I’ve been so constantly stressed or depressed that I was grateful for this day with Jimin. The mere idea of having multiple days like this one with him made me much more happier than it should have.
“You should get going. You don’t want to miss or be late to whatever it is you have to do.” I stated. His face went from his grinning expression to one of seriousness in 3 seconds flat. He nodded and waved bye to me.
I watched as he walked down my driveway and along the sidewalk until he was out of sight.
I couldn’t help but be worried and curious as to what Jimin had to go do. After realizing that standing on my porch was pointless, I went inside my house. I slipped off my shoes and walked in.
What startled me was my mom was sitting on the couch watching television. I didn’t expect her to be home so early from work. Her eyes averted from the brightly lit up screen to me. She lowered the volume to her film and put down the bowl of popcorn she had in her hands onto the table.
“Y/n, where have you been?” she questioned me, but patted the area next to her on the couch, inviting me to sit down with her.
“I went out for a bit. You’re back so early from work.” I stated.
“Yeah, they let me out of the office early due to some building issues or what not,” she answered. “You went out? This is a first for you y/n. You barely go out, always with the excuse of school or work. Plus even when your friends invite you out, you rarely accept the invite, saying something along the lines of ‘I’m tired’ or ‘I don’t feel like it’. You only accept on special occasions.” she said pointedly.
“I do go out! Gosh mom, you make it sound like I’m anti-social or something.” I pouted.
“I’m teasing you sweetie, but seriously, where did you go?”
She was legit interviewing me. My mom always had a knack of telling whether a person was lying or not. She eyed my face for any expression and I tried to look her in the eyes, because one wrong move and it’s over.
“Like I said I just went out.”
She looked at me for a good second.
“With who?”
Shit, she’s onto me.
“I went by myself, took a walk, that’s it.”
I waited a good minute for her response, holding in my breathe, hoping she wouldn’t catch my lie.
“Did you go out with a boy y/n?”
The question startled me so much that my poker face faltered for a split second. But she saw and looked at me, and judging by her facial expression, she didn’t have to say anything.
“Spill the beans y/n.” she warned.
And so I told her everything that had happened, excluding the part about my hand getting burned, using a cover story, hoping she would buy it. I told her about how I met Jimin, and how sweet he was, along with what we had done today. She listened intently at my story, smiling occasionally, grimacing at the part with Jocelyn. After telling her everything she grinned and suddenly was hugging me tightly.
“My baby has a crush! Oh sweetie, this is adorable!” she teased me, but hugged me so tightly, I was having trouble breathing. I’m guessing she noticed she was cutting my airflow because she let go, allowing me to breathe air once again.
“Mom!” I whined, playfully hitting her.
“Fine, fine, I’m sorry but I can’t help it. It’s been forever since you told me you had feelings for a boy.”
“I don’t have feelings for him! I met him yesterday, geez!” I scolded her childish behavior.
She picked up the bowl from the living room table and sashayed her way into the kitchen, speaking up she said, “ Denial! You’re so in denial!”
I grumbled to myself. I shouldn’t have told her, now she’s gonna bug me so much, I’ll go insane because of the constant teasing.
She walked back into the living room and plopped down next to me.
“Loosen up, people fall in love at different times, different rates, different ways. Just because you met him yesterday, doesn’t mean you should feel any less than the way you feel now.”
I leaned on her shoulder and sighed.
“Plus isn’t your generation obsessed with that whole ‘love at first sight’ thing? From what you told me, it definitely sounds like one of those situations.” she teased me once more before getting up from the couch.
“There’s food in the kitchen, eat something, wash up, and then go to sleep.” she demanded.
Before she left the living room though, she turned around and said, “I...how does your generation say it...ship it!” she yelled. I laughed at her crazy personality and headed into the kitchen to eat. Once I finished eating and washed up, I got into bed.
Despite my happiness for my mom’s acceptance of such a crazy event, there’s still a part of me that is worried for Jimin.
Just what was he in a rush to go do?
Before I had any time to contemplate what that could be, my eyelids grew heavy and I dozed off into a peaceful slumber.
Now I'm craving some popcorn >.< *goes to make microwaveable popcorn*:3
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