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So I have good news and I have bad news. I'll give you the bad news first. So. The chapter is still incomplete. Good news: chapter is nearly complete. Should be posted either tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest. WHOOHOO! Also, this chapter will be long. I don't know if you'll consider that good or bad news, but the length will basically be the equivalent of, dare I say it, TWO chapters. I'm apologizing in advance for that, but hey, I think you guys will enjoy it. I know my beta did because of her excitement and enthusiasm. And I'm excited to finally get this far! I can't believe how busy/distracted I have been lately. But hey, that's life, right? So anyway, I'm trying to finish up the chapter for the night so I can shower and go to bed. Have to be at work at 6:30 in the morning and I am NOT a morning person. Ugh. Tagging Vinglers: @normabm7 @JessicaDobbins @Kirik @shannonl5 @mymi @ThatRossyGirl @NinjaMouse @LilianaWolf @Panthora @desireesowah143 @Nadinerzz @AnjelParker @SantaraJones @sergeishust @Yatosgirl @enchantingsun @thegeekinpink92 @KookieMin and anyone who is interested!!!
Yay! I'm done with the chapter!!! Now for my beta to read through it again and give me the okay and I will have it posted sometime tomorrow (Tuesday). Yay! @normabm7 @JessicaDobbins @Kirik @shannonl5 @mymi @ThatRossyGirl @NinjaMouse @LilianaWolf @Panthora @desireesowah143 @Nadinerzz @AnjelParker @SantaraJones @sergeishust @Yatosgirl @enchantingsun @thegeekinpink92 @KookieMin
Alright. Even if the new chapter is long doesn't matter. Haven't got that far, but I still love reading your story.
@Gibbous1992 👏👏
@BlackoutZJ Awesome lol
@BlackoutZJ cool. Unfortunately, I haven't watched either of those anime. As far as mine goes, I don't know of if you read the previous cards, but mine is based 2 years after the defeat of Naraku from Inuyasha, where there is a new enemy and yet involves all the characters of inuyasha.
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