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This was way to hard to make a list lol Love them all!:)

Hypnotizing Voice TaeYang

This is my husband to be! His voice is just no words to even describe I just get hypnotized.

God Of Fashion G-Dragon

He is my wrecker! You can't help but love him.He smile is adorable and he is the fashion God. I'd go to him for advice because I can use some help

Powerful Busan Rapper Simon Dominic

He is just too adorable and funny.I can say he does talk a lot. I love it tho!:)

Seattle's Finest Jay Park

How can I not love this beautiful man. He slays.Music is amazing!

Handsome and Funny TOP

My tall baby!:)

Pretty Boy GRAY

I was hatin on him for awhile lol I think it's because of his pretty boy looks but after seeing him in person I was like now I know why women love him.

Teddy Bear Loco!

The Maknae Everyone Loves Seungri

AOMG's Hidden Talent Cha Cha Malone

Variety King Daesung

Beautiful Ugly Duck

The Man Im Getting To Know.Elo!

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I love them all