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I couldn't believe how painful and traumatizing this all was for everyone. How did we go from having a family dinner with Luci's family, to her awakening. I couldn't bare to be in the same room as Luci at the moment.
She was bleeding heavily, and the scent was so so sweet. I felt like I was intoxicated from it. It just made me want her more. I mean all of her, from her body to her soul. I texted Daesung to come over as soon as he could, and he appear before me on seconds.
Angelic magic is such an amazing power. When I regain the will power to be near her, thanks to Daesung, Luci was in Jay's arms. He had ripped her shirt open from the back. Her entire back was covered in blood and her ripped shirt was stained.
It looked like blood soaked wings were trying to come out her back. Yet, unlike magically appearing, they were tearing through her entire back. You could see through the blood though, they were feathers.
Normally wings that do this are bat like and demonic. I ran to the kitchen, and got some cold water in a bowl, and a cloth. Then I went back to her side, and started to clean away the blood.
Luci was burning up, so much do that a normal human would die from this fever. Once I had clean away the blood from the feathers, you could see they were orange. Daesung touch my shoulder, to get my attention.
He signal for me to havee her lay down. I tapped Jay shoulder and signal him to do the same thing. He didn't argue with me, since we were both more trying to say focus and strong.
Her blood was making us both very hungry. Anyone could see it in our eyes. We both carefully help her lay on her stomach. Ju Kyung even fixed her shirt so she wasn't fully exposed.
Though he had to cut off her bra. Her wings had ripped though it to grow. She was crying from the pain she was feeling. Daesung took Jay's place, and Jay took Ju Kyung's. Jay and I both held her hands, and watched Daesung carefully.
'boys do not get mad...but the moment I do this...she will die. It part of the process...she will come back.' Daesung sent us both a mental message before he forced her wings out of her back in one motion.
Jay and I were both splash with fresh blood a bit, as her massive orange red wings were free. She had cuts going from her shoulder blade, parallel to her spin down to her lower back.
Daesung wasn't lying though, because with her last scream of pain, she left this realm, for the spirit realm. I looked up at Jay and we both felt the same thing. We were both heart broken

(Luci POV)

Everything was black, empty, and quiet. It was creeping me out, and had me worried. I try to look around but couldn't see anything at all. Not even my very own body. I did start to smell charcoal burning.
Soon enough I could feel a heat rise, but it was comforting. Soon enough a fire emerged in front of me and a man step out of them. I blinked a few times to make sure I was seeing right. "Daddy?"
The tall man with combed back jet black hair, deep brown eyes, a Hugo Boss black designer suit. He smiled warmly at me, as he put his hands in pockets. "I told your mother you destin for greatness, and shielding you from all of this was a bad idea. Now look where we are now. You're in limbo, til your body is fulled ready for its true form."
I looked around at the darkness confused before looking at my father. "So.... You're really the devil himself?" He pulled out his wallet, and took out his I.D. His name on it was really Lucifer Morningstar.
"Only thing I make sure is real on my I.Ds." I covered my mouth in shock, but then everything he raise me on started to make scene. He made sure I was raise to know the devil wasn't a bad man.
He actually very loving father, and protective too. "I knew you were going to become the Phoenix when you were born. That why I had wolves and demons watch over you." A beautiful woman appear beside my father, but she wasn't my mother.
Though she did look very similar to her. Long curly red hair, green eyes, and fair tan skin. "Wow, she look just like you and my daughter." I blinked as I noticed her long laied lace greek gown.
My eyes shot up to make contact with her's the moment she said daughter. "Luci, this is your grandmother, your mother's mother haha." Dad chuckled at the way he introduce her to me.
Explain why she looked just like mom. "She was the Phoenix before you. Her showing up is my cue to leave though. My job is officially done. My beloved daughter you are all grown up. I'll come visit in the world of the living soon."
He winked at me before leaving in flames again. My grandmother came over to me and pet my head. She then moved a piece of my hair into eye view. I watched it turn from brown to orange before my eyes.
"You will have orange highlights when as your power grows. This is the first step." She let go of my hair and snap her fingers. We were in a Greek theme home now. My entire had even changed.
I was now wearing gold cuffs on my wrist and ankles, chains connecting to single rings on my toes and finger. Even have a gold cuff around my neck with chains that was helping hold up my gown.
The gown was orange red and yellow, just like my grandmothers. "You can alter it later, but that what you will wear when you're in your true form." She took hold of my hand, and guiding me down a long hall, Instead of walls.
There were giant windows with no glass. You could feel the breeze and watching clouds from outside come in and out. I looked out the window and noticed we were above the cloud banks.
"Don't worry, you're not truly dead." I looked up at grandma, and she was looking back at me with a warm gentle smile. We stop in front of a golden double door. She push open the door.
The room reveal to be a the one room. There was a red and gold luxurious in the middle of the room. My grandmother went over to the curtains that were behind the chair. "This is your room, and these...are your wings. They appear the day you were born."
I blinked as she pulled on a rope, that made the curtains pull back. The orange with flakes of gold and red in the feathers appeared. They were so big that they almost didn't fit in the room.
"Each phoenix get their own room when awoken. There is where all your memories will be stored. You can tap into your past lives memories just by visiting their room, but if needed."
She came to stand beside me and looked at my wings with me. "You must be destine to make a big impact for this generation. You have the biggest wigs yet." I looked over at her, as I realize the wing size determined how much history needed you.
"Does this mean the world is just that corrupt now?" Grandma looked at me, a bit caught off guard. "Yes it does, impressed you know your role already. For now though my dear. I must send you back. You have been away for far to long."
I nodded my head, before she kissed my forehead. I closed my eyes and felt a rush of pain, that was now bareable. I heard crying and yelling. I was laying on my back, and could feel my wings.
As well as my arms crossed along my chest. 'Luci?' The room went silent, as 2 pairs of hands touch both my arms. I wasn't sure if I mentally hearing my name, oh someone actually said it. I slowly open my eyes and saw the two hands where from a crying Jay and a crying Jiyong.
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