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There are plenty of times when we all wonder what BTS would do if they weren't an idol. Here's a list of jobs that would be perfect for Jin if he wasn't an idol!!

Chef/Food Taster

There is no doubt about this. With his immense love for cooking food (and eating it) he would enjoy this immensely. He would love the feeling of people eating his food and their faces of enjoyment would be enough payment in its self for him. Though he might end up eating all the food himself....


Don't act like you didn't see this coming. Look at that face and tell me he isn't model worthy. With his tall and broad stance he would steal the show as soon as he hit the walkway. BONUS: He was actually a model before he joined BigHit!!

Mario Representative

His love for Mario is obvious to any eye. I believe that if he had the chance representing Mario products would actually be something he would do. Have you seen his Mario collection??


Never being able to hide his mother-like qualities Jin would be the perfect babysitter/nanny. He's raised six boys for crying out loud. Trust me this Mom has seen it all.

What do you think Jin would do if he wasn't an idol??

I could see him as an actor. he's beautiful and he can express so many emotions through his eyes 馃槏
can someone do a fan fic of this? my baby jin as a model or restaurant owner doing exactly what @CallMeMsDragon said. lol that would be the best thing ever.
@PrincessUnicorn OMG if you do please please tag me I must read it lol.
oh wow that does sound cool!! @BabydollBre thoughts are already brooking in my mind.
He'd be my husband after we met at some international cooking show.
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