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So I was watching The Ark's debut music video earlier, but then I realized that it's been over a year since their debut and we haven't heard anything new from them. I went to music K (their company)'s website and The Ark isn't listed under the list of artists anymore. There haven't been any official statements from music k about whether or not they really have broken up, but there's really not much hope...at least not in my opinion.
It's really too bad that they didn't make it. Their debut was great and I think that if they had been properly promoted they could've been one of the top rookies of 2015. I really liked them because their debut was so different from most girl groups. It wasn't cute, sexy, or particularly badass and the video was amazing too. I'm not sure what each of the members are up to anymore, but apparently one or two of them will be a part of music k's upcoming girl group.
Here's their debut music video (be prepared to cry), a video of them slaying BTS's dance to Boy in Luv, and a video of BTS reacting to them. They're so legit! I don't understand why they would be disbanded...
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omg me too!!! I was so sad when I heard because I fell in love with their covers and with their song the light. They were so amazing I still don't get why they disbanded!! I WANT ARK BACKKKK