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check out the V app around midnight or around that time for the first episode of Flower Crew. I'm not sure if it will have engine subs but to watch the first episode live I'm super ok with that.
credit to @bangtanitl
@gigiandviking I tried watching but there were so many issues with the connection. I tu8nk since there was some many if us trying to watch it was causing some issues. I think Kookie just wants keep it on the low allow the older guys to take lead
This was an absolute train wreck. Half the crew didn't know how V worked, the main channel was spammed with Kookie comments, there were no subs in the secondary channels... I could go on. I think the chaos could have been contained by either A.) locking the channels until it was time to vote or B.) putting subs in the individual cam channels. By the time army figured out what was going on, Kookie had already run away with the hearts. Since there were no subs in the secondary channels, I'm sure there were tons of army just parked in Kookie's cam hearting away with no idea what was being said until after. That said- I'm sure it's not a wholly unexpected outcome. Even for Kookie.
@SugaMint I wish they would have listened to him. when he asked i stopped and voted for the other members. poor kookie
I kinda feel bad for kookie because they(fans) said he didnt want to be the leader and we kept on saying not to vote but they still kept on voting so Kookie ended up being the leader 🙁🙁
I agree with all of your comments I was on the main fancam when I saw captions for it so I stayed there and saw sooo many hearts for kookie and I'm like I knew they weren't going to figure out what is going on because they didn't go to the main cam