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We all have those times where we are just sooo busy with lots of stuff, well this week is going to be one of those really busy weeks for me~ So heres a playlist to keep us all motivated during busy times!
BTS DOPE : This song totally speaks to me~ Talks about while everyone else is messing around and partying, Im working hard to accomplish things and work on/toward my career! Which personally, is exactly hie my life has been, word hard dream big!
CNBLUE Cant Stop : "cant stop me now!!" A song about how you cant stop loving someone. Again personally, no one can stop me from working hard toward my dreams, and really isnt that the reason we all work hard at anything? Ultimately its toward or for something or even someone we love a lot of times!
Eric Nam Interview : This mv is cute ^^ Eric has such a soothing voice, I find it so peaceful and nice to listen to his singing. Love this song and the meaning behind it. Kind of gives you a bit of confidence just listening to it ya know?
Mino (Winner) I'M HIM : This is one of those songs that make you feel confident listening to it, the lyrics are pretty cool! When going through busy times, you gotta stay confident in your work and in yourself, dont let the stress get to ya.
Zico Veni Vidi Vici : Its latin and it means 'I came, I saw, I conquered' No matter what kind of work load you gotta over come, you got this! Stay motivated and keep moving forward~
F(x) 4 Walls : There are many different times in life we feel like we are surrounded by 4 walls with no way out, but fighting! When your super busy or feel trapped you just gotta knock down the walls, one at a time. One step at a time!
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these songs are literally perfect for the motivation theme. nice playlist!!