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I really worked hard on these! lol I had to do a bit of research about what makes something else mysterious, and I found that it has many styles it can be grunge, indie, or whimsical, so because I didn't want to just give you a boring black wallpaper I made this wallpaper a bit whimsical with a dash of suspense!
Here Wallapaper #2! I tried to make it pretty pink and light with a hint of art! I really hope you like these as much as I do! sorry they took so long! ----------------------------------- If anyone else want me to make your favorite kpop idol into a wallpaper just comment who you want me to make! it would also make me super happy if you would give this collection a follow! thanks luvs!
Awe thank you so much!
awe! your so very welcome!
@jackieg1617 I'm so Glad you like them!馃槉
@YongRaviZiMon Of course I can! what type of colors or style would you like it in? also I might not be able to finish it tonight but I promise I'll get it to you tomorrow!
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