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Helĺo you guys, Good morning. The brand new week is started and today's Memorial day, right? Be a pious day. = Today's expressions for Mon June 6th = 1. I had asked if you wanted to come to lunch with us. 우리가 같이 점심 먹으러 가고 싶은지 너에게 물었잖아. 2. We got together to turn the world around. 세상을 바꾸기 위해 우린 함께 만났어요. 3. Saving the environmenet is easier than you think. 환경을 보호하는 것이 네가 생각하는 것보다 더 쉬워. = Let's make a story with today's expressions = A: Hey, Peter. What are you reading? P: The old man and the sea. A: Do you like it? How many pages have you read? And, I had asked if you wanted to come to lunch with me. P: Well, I've got some bread for lunch that I'd baked in the morning. A: Wow, really? You baked these breads yourself right? Well, I'm a little bit curious. P: Hey, Albert. Baking a cake is easier than you think. And, you know what we got to save money because we came together, right? Let's have these breads for lunch while drinking some healthy tea. A: Wow, great. That's good idea. Thanks.
Thank you for your cheer and hope you have a sweet night.
I really like your idea of using expressions in a conversation!