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Have you ever wondered why Pain Can be so relatable? Most of my writings are about pain Because I feel like most can relate After all, we have all experienced pain before And reading about it makes us feel connected After thinking, I find that idea frightening And discouraging But imagine, Just imagine for a bit If everyone in the world Could relate to a piece of writing Associated with love? If someone can look at a loving couple And smile because they can feel the love Wouldn't that be beautiful? I write about pain because it's the easiest thing To write about But now and then, I challenge myself To write about how love makes me feel And hope that all of you Will know come due time Exactly how I feel
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Exactly my thoughts! I was the person who would read those love poetry and wish I could relate, but found myself only relating to pain. And now I can relate to those about love and I'm so grateful that those words mean so much to me. its the most wonderful feeling in the world.