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so my game is still 50% done but I'm at a writer's block. but I want to shout out a few people @ZephyrBlaze thank you for your support and im putting you as a character so just give me what Pokémon you want on your team. anyway this is Paul Lovellette signing off
@PaulLovellette sweet then I'll look forward to playing against you when the game is released :3
@ZephyrBlaze I'm the 8th gym leader
@PaulLovellette Thank you very much or that information, trainer class Cool Trainer if possible and I even have what I believe to be a solid team :3 Arggron, Gallade, Mightyena, Noivern, Hydriegon, Teddiursa. I cannot think to NOT have Teddiursa but I understand if you don't want to add him to a Cool Trainer class. Still can't wait to play I also hope you cameo in/ put yourself in the game, it would be cool :3
all 7 gens
@ZephyrBlaze no it's not from one I know and yes it's on PC one more thing what trainer class would you like to be
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