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So today's chapter was intense and damn good... Why can't there be another chapter already?!?
We've known that GALE has been canon for a while now but last week we got a confirmation on it and today's chapter just made it all the more real... Now I personally don't believe Hiro killed off Gajeel permanently... I feel like he'll bring him back at some point and we will get that happy reunion. I feel like he did this for the sake of the plot and because it was an awesome moment to hype us up for what is coming next.... What do you guys think?
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No way in hell is Gajeel dead. Hiro wouldn't do that... Especially in only a few pages.
@PRroxx05 can you give me a link to the new chapter please? @AngelicaAlaniz
@UzumakiJess @PRroxx05 thank you both!