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What's up guys, John here and I have some interesting news. SM Entertainment is expanding their recruit tactics in the most unthinkable way. They are building....*drum roll please*.....


Wait, what?

OK let me explain. So according to Yonhap news, a Korean media outlet, SM is planning on building an international Kpop school. It will be in the middle of the Gangnam neighborhood in Seoul. The program will include students in middle and high school. This is a joint project between SM and Jongro Academy, a chain of after school academies in Korea.

Are you following me? Good!!

With the objective of accepting celebrities from both Korea and abroad, the school will teach basic classes like Korean, English, math. Along with these classes they will also teach skills needed on order to become an idol(dancing and singing).

Thinking that this is just a rumor? Not true.

SM and Jongro Academy signed a contract registering the name "Kpop International School". this shows how serious both sides are in creating the first Kpop school. The school is currently being built with an estimated completion date of early 2017. The school is planning to accept 70% of its students from China and other foreign countries, whole the remaing 30% will be aspiring celebrities that are Korean. In total 300-400 students will be in the school.
SM will focus on strategy and opening the school while Jongro Academy will focus on educating the students. Credit to info here None of these images/gifs belong to KpopInt

What Do You Think Of This Idea?

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@Brawner13 Boi Imma hop on this train real quick 😂👍
a year ago·Reply
This is really cool! But I'm pretty sure that it'll be SUPER expensive, international schools in Korea are off the charts expensive(trust me
a year ago·Reply
@kpopINT high school and middle school only? it seems like it is only intended for koreans since many parents would not allow a child to go to another country just to go study abroad for music lessons
a year ago·Reply
@Juliag13 it does but they said they want majority of their school from outside of SK. Hopefully parents will allow their kids to do so bc there are immense benefits from it
a year ago·Reply
I wanna ask my mom to go there. She knows my love of dancing and singing so pray for me she and my dad will say yes!
a year ago·Reply