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Bench To Renew Lee Minho (이민호)'s Contract Due To Filipino Fans
I would also protest if they didn’t renew his contract! Lee Min Ho is so popular in The Philippines that even though his contract with Bench, Filipino brand, is on the verg...e of completion, the company is renewing his contract. This will mark the first time that Bench is renewing an advertisement contract with a foreign celebrity endorser. Bench is one of The Philippines most popular brands, and was the first to see the effect of celebrity endorsers. Considering that Lee Min Ho was a model before he debuted as an actor in Boys Over Flowers, it makes sense that a company would try to retain his star power for promotional purposes.
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ahahah the power of the fans! Keep up with the good works Lee MinHo fans ;) you give actors a job haha
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LMH <3
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This is great news! a product endorsement for Minho, and a chance to see him again in Manila.
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