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I hate unprofessional people. Or just rude people. They need to slap themselves back to reality and get their shit together. They can't treat a person like that . I don't care who is older or younger.
Guys if you post on twitter or instagram use the hashtag #Jungkookisimportant
This is not how you treat someone. And Jungkook absolutely does not deserve this. I am tired of everyone targeting BTS. They have done NOTHING wrong. I do not see why people have to keep beating them up.
I know BTS is an easy target for haters but a show host ......really? ....... I am so done
but I don't want to ruin everyone's day so her are some pics of Kookie and the boys ~~~ To Jungkook: Don't get discouraged. There are going to be more people like this in they world and you may have to meet them sadly, but just know we are here to support you. We will make sure that you will never suffer alone. If you encounter this situation again just keep in mind that A.R.M.Y is here for you.♡
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ok so I wasn't the only one who was like what the hell why are they being rude to Jungkook...and like seho....f**K you I don't think you should be near kookie if you make him feel uncomfortable...and fans noticing the way kookie felt...like....I hope it gets better...and of course now when it comes to voting I'm making sure kookie wins the good stuff because you know what he is amazing but I hate my bias feeling they way he did.....
Aw my poor baby, he needs to be hugged I can't believe that happened to him. jimin, tae hold my baby for me I'm coming. 😢😢😢
Yes, please add me to your tags...and to make Jungkook actually feel bad for getting votes is ridiculous. I almost cried when I read the part about the burgers..I guess being polite to someone who just brought you food out of the goodness of his heart is out of the question? 😠grrr
This whole thing has everyone so emotional and I just don't even know how to deal with things anymore, BTS has been going through so much lately and these kinds of things aren't helping. I just hope they're somewhat happy despite what they're hearing about what people are saying or doing to them.
I'm a fan of BTS but I'm not an A.R.M.Y the boys are nice and I kinda tease my little sister with Jungkook cause he's her favorite. I like saying little things about him to her cause her reactions are funny. But umm I don't know, after this... I like him I do, he's very talented and adorable as well so I don't know if anything will be the same after seeing this.. If you take offense at what I did I totally understand and I apologize to you and BTS and Jungkook most of all cause that shits messed up.. Stay strong everyone!!!