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Kpoptwitterisgoingtojailparty memes ( Part 4)
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@danidee Apparently someone from the 5sos fandom posted a picture of her credit card saying if anyone needed iTunes money you can take some off but a kpopper by the screen name Ulthe8 screen shot the card pic with a caption "Have fun girlie's" and now the owner of the card is now 2,000,000 dollars in debt from people buying kpop merch, plane tickets, kcon tickets, Macbooks,pianos, and a yacht. So now someone from the 5sos fandom called the cops and that's how the fiasco began....with funny memes
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it was trending world wide the past weekend, some were afraid to buy things , some bought merch, while others made memes about it
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@SimplyAwkward THAT'S SO HORRIBLE. I hope she's learned how dumb of an idea that was.
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I want someone to take a vingle poll to find out if anyone here used the card XD
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I was thinking of using it but I still need to go to college and go to korea you know
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