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For those of you that follow my Fan Fiction collection Miscommunication and have read it... THANK YOU. It is the fan fiction closest to my heart since he is my ultimate bias.
Due to this and the fact that he is promoting his album and I LOVE IT... I've decided to hold a drawing. One lucky follower will receive his new album from me. My way of helping him sell a few more internationally and my way of saying thank you to those that read and enjoy my fan fics (still blows my mind!). If you already follow the collection, you've already been entered in the drawing. I will hold the drawing This coming Saturday, Jun 11th.
.. Remember, it will be coming from Korea so it will take a bit to get to you. :)
I was trying to find his "home shopping network" VApp promotion of his CD.. he is so cute... it last 50 min and he tells you how certain songs on the CD came to be, they make him do missions (funniest part), he shows you a couple of dance moves you can learn for the upcoming concert. I just watched it Friday and of course, can't find it today. But these are priceless also.
Here is a listen to... if you don't want to be entered, send me a pm and I'll remove you =]
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Oooo yay a drawing!!This is very sweet of you.😊 I loved this fanfic, one of my favorites!Oh hell anything you write ends up as my favorites and I always end up rereading them!πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–πŸ’–
@GriseldaZenger no need to thank me when its only the truth. I look forward to what youcome up with in the future
ive never listened to him i dont think, BUT you got my interested that is for sure!
❀ thank you @KpopBeat
You have a knack for writing about my favorite under-appreciated idols... first this guy.. then my UB Kyungil.... and i love you lr you pick stories. very creative
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