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Yoongi Imagine- Player Chapter 10

Genre: Angst, Spy/Mafia Pairing: Yoongi x Reader Warning: swearing and some scenes of intimacy
Great. Just you and Woozi in a massive room. What could go wrong? Well, let's see, he already attacked your neck and shot Hoshi in the leg. "Go on." He suddenly spoke making you forget your thought processes. "Ask me anything you like. Might as well while we're here" he added. Multiple questions floated around your head but your mind stuck on how you could escape. "Why am I here?" "Because I don't like your father or his organisation. A handful of my men have died in the last month because of that man. The majority of them being killed before my hackers did anything." You took in every word in. Normally, you would have just fazed out but Woozi's words seemed too important to miss. "Why should I believe you?" "There's no real reason I suppose but if you want I can get the death records out to prove it to you" How? How could this man go from someone you were supposed to hate, to someone who you could eventually learn to trust?
He was answering all of your questions and so you decided to test how far he would go. "How do I get escape here hm?" He smirked. "Get through me. I'm the one who lets people go... Or drag them back here" Damn. This was going to be harder than you thought. Hopefully, the rest of your team were busy trying to learn about this virus. You didn't want to be stuck here until someone came to your rescue, God knew when that would be. "What do you plan to do with me then?" Another smirk slid its way onto his face, "Make Yoongi angry first, then take down your father's little business" He stepped back to his desk and picked up a small object. It was your phone. He must have got that from the guys who brought you here. You could hear him press the dialer. It didn't take you two guesses to work out who he was calling.
Woozi's perspective~ "Y/N , OMG are you ok I-" Yoongi cried down the line. "Shut up Min!" He shouted. There was a moment of silence and then Yoongi hissed at him, "You little shit, where is Y/N?" He smiled to himself as he watched over you. You looked so innocent - as if you were a lost puppy waiting for a response from its owner. He held his finger to his lips to signal for you to stay quiet. Lucky for him, you followed orders. "She's asleep. I can wake her up if you want" "Why is she asleep? What did you do?" "I fucked her senseless." He lied, he knew it would get a decent reaction from him. "SON OF A BITCH" He had to move the phone away from his ear, Yoongi's voice was so loud. "It's fine. She'll come back to you in her own time. Either that, or you can come see me, it's been a while!" There was a pause. He heard a loud voice in the background, Hoshi. Damn, he got there fast.
He could just make out what Hoshi was saying. "Y/N is in Woozi's base. I know what he wants with her. You've got to go and get her." Yoongi sounded like he moved the phone away slightly from his lips, "why don't we send for backup?" That stupid brain of his. Woozi didn't want some stupid back up drones bothering his little plan. So, he decided to interupt, "you send for back up and I swear to God Yoongi, I will shoot her in front of you!" "Okay... Okay so you want me to get her hm? What's the catch?" The catch? There was no catch, yet... "No catch, oh and Yoongi.. Please don't send out an invasion. I happen to like how my building looks." And with that the phone call ended.
Your perspective~ What was this guy up to? "Why did you say I was asleep and that we-" "Needed to get him angry, he'll be here either later on this evening or tomorrow so you might as well get some sleep" It confused you how someone like him could go from a mafia leader to a kind guy in a simple second. "Where am I sleeping?" He smirked, "you could sleep with me" You moved back in your chair. Was he actually thinking about fucking you? "Nah, I knew you wouldn't want that. Yoongi probably got there before me huh?" There was a pause. He knew his brother too well. "You can sleep in here, this is the guest room after all" He walked in your direction and flicked the lights on. There was a comfy looking double bed to your right and an ensuite bathroom to your left. It would do, it was definitely an improvement from that flat. As you took in your surroundings, you felt the pressure on your wrists and legs lighten. Woozi had untied you from the chair. You could've easily strangled him and killed him but you didn't. What kind of a leader were you? In any instance of kidnap you were told to never trust a stranger or the enemy and kill and leave at your first chance. You weren't following orders, somehow you trusted him.
With that, he walked towards the door and opened it. "You can't go anywhere. This'll be locked, so get comfy. We'll wake you up when we need you" And he was gone.. You were left to your own thoughts. Was your phone in here? You walked over to the desk and picked up the device. There was a message on it. ~sorry Y/N but your phone access has been restricted. You'll soon find out what you can and can't do on it. Just procautions. Woozi xx~ Great. You could play games yes but you could barely message. Loop hole. You could message one person... Yoongi.
You: Gigi? Yoongi: yes who is this? Your number had been blocked to him. You: Y/N. Gigi I'm fine don't worry. Yoongi: OMG Y/N did he do anything to you? You: No Yoongi he didn't he lied I was tied up listening to you two talk on the phone Yoongi: well we're going over there tomorrow ok. Where are you at the moment? You: he left me in the same room. It's pretty comfortable actually. I haven't been anywhere else really since they brought me here. Yoongi: don't trust him sweetie. Promise me that you will stick to your senses. My brother can be misleading You: k. Gi I'm getting some sleep now Yoongi: k night sweetie x
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