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Sooooo, I've never watched a mecha anime before.. Not really my cup of tea. Two mecha anime that I do find interesting and want to watch though would be Gurren Lagann and Cowboy Bebop.
This card sucks so I'm not tagging anyone. Haha. Until tomorrow nakama!
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My list is already so long! Haha. 馃槄馃榿 @assasingod
@UzumakiJess @assasingod my list of stuff I need to watch is almost as long as the stuff I've watched so far! it'll probably overtake it soon...
Same here, it's an overwhelming list. You need to live close to me @OtakuDemon10 so we can watch together cuz I'm sure our list are close to the same! Haha
@UzumakiJess haha, I so wish we lived closer! You seem like you'd be awesome to hang out with!
Same to you! @OtakuDemon10 (: