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Pt.3 "Ouch!" "Does it hurt?" "Yes" "Good"      Sam put the first aid kit back in the restroom after she finishes cleaning Yoongi up. His scratches and bruises were still visible, but they looked better than before. "After I fought for you, this is what I get?" -Yoongi asked still hurt from his previous fight with Namjoon. "I never asked you to do it"- Sam said sitting next to him. His room was silet, neither of them waiting to break the silence. However, this couldn't get anywhere if they just kept the way they were. "I am sorry" - Sam began. "Its ok... you are worth it..." -Yoongi gave her an embrace. "You know I have never cried in front of people... I don't like showing off my emotions, I just don't-" "I know, I know..  don't worry... you can cry now..." -Yoongi cover her with his arms completely,  hoping that the warmth will make her open up. "Sam..."-Yoongi began. "I love you" __________      The next day was terrible for Sam. The reasons were the following: 1. Yoongi was still recovering at his home, so she was alone the whole day. 2. Finals were coming up 3. Namjoon was outside waiting for her at the end of every single class.     History class ended and the small hope that he wasn’t there was quickly crashed after he made a fake announcement to the class. "Sir, the consulor wants to talk to Sam" - Namjoon said confidently, which the teacher believe because he left Sam take her stuff and leave the room. Sam had no option but to follow him. After they both were in the hall , Namjoon grabbed Sam by the hand, which she quickly took off. "Don't touch me" "Sam please, let me explain" "What are you going explain? That after the date with me, you changed your mind and now you think you want my friend instead of me? That's why you both did it? I seriously can't believe that you betrayed Jimin, he-" "I did it because of Jimin!" -Namjoon almost yelled and Sam kept quite waiting for him to countinue. "Melanie has pictures of Jimin naked and making out with her, which is understandable since they have been daiting for 3 years but... she told me she planning on putting  those pictures online " -Namjoon began. "But if she does that Jimin will automatically be in blacklist for everything,  including universities"- Sam followed. "Exactly,  no university will want him, and he would have no other option but to stay here... with her... she told me that if I did it with her, she will erase those pictures on her phone... but I am pretty sure she must have a copy of them in her computer..."- Namjoon finished, feeling relieve and waiting for Sam's response. Sam looked at the floor. She didn't know what to think. She looked at him in the eyes and she saw a honest man. Namjoon was starting to move closer to he, their eyes intertwined and their bodies almost touching. Sam knew she was doing wrong, however she couldn't stop. Both slowly closing their eyes and... "YOU TWO COME OVER HERE!"     Both, Namjoon and Sam began running as they heard the assistant principal voice. They went through the out hallways, almost out of breath. They kept on running that they didn't notice that they stumble against a girl, which made her fall. "Sorry, Hani" -Namjoon was quick to help and also Sam. "Its ok, don't worry,  but why are you both running?"- Hani asked Namjoon and quickly looked at Sam. "Nice to meet you by the way" "Hani, we are running from the assistant principal...can you please help Sam hide?" -Namjoon asked as he looked at Sam. "... you own me 10 Kim Namjoon... lets go Sam"-Hani took Sam's hand and began walking away from Namjoon. She looked back at him. "I am going to go hide, I will go visit your house tonight!" -After that been said, Namjoon walked the opposite way, also looking for somewhere to hide. _____________  "Why are watching the soccer team play, I am supposed to be hiding you know?" -Sam asked intrigued. "There's a few people around here, so I am pretty sure, so just try to blend in with the people ok? " -Hani said, not taking her eyes away from the field. Sam looked over at what he was staring at and she found herself laughing. "So, since when have you liked Jeon Jungkook?"- Sam said teasingly. "What are you talking about? That soccer player? Me? Like a lowerclassmen ? Ha, what a joke....is it too obvious?"- Hani asked preocupied. "Well, if you keep looking at him like that, yes. Why haven't you said anything?" "He has a girlfriend,  and evethough everyone knows she is hoe, he still loves her and I won't get between them" "But, if you had the chance, would you confess?" "Absolutely,  we have feelings to express them, so people know how we feel. If we never express ourselves,  then how do we expect from other people to understand us?"- Hani turned around and looked at Sam. "Thank you"-Sam said smiling. "For what? " "For making me realize something" "Well, I am glad this day went better for you " "Yeah, tonight is going to be better" __________     Sam was waiting outside her home. Nervous at the thought of him coming. She didn't know if whe was doing the right thing. She saw a car parking in front od her house and Namjoon  got out of the car and Sam notice he has hiding something behind his back. "Mmm hello?" -Sam said, still surprise at Namjoon. "Hi"- Namjoon said and Sam could tell that he was nervous. "Are you ok?" "I love you, please be my girlfriend!" -Namjoon  yelled suddenly and he pulled out the flowers he was hiding in his back. Sam was speechless and she didn't know what to say or how to react.    Sam suddenly saw another car coming and she saw Yoongi's face. She knew that he was mad at the sight and his expression changed as his went near them. His walking rate became faster and he put himself in front of Sam. "Why are you giving flowers to my girlfriend?" 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