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I just go these two awesome games last night and I'm super pumped hahah and I'm going to be honest the anime One Piece was not part of my child hood. I heard things about it here and there saw a bunch of pics of the main character (Luffy) but it never really got my attention when I was small but I just started in 2014 to watch one piece and let me tell you guys I got hooked to this anime! it's freaken AWESOME..... I became a fan so quickly lol I got a bunch of merchandies of the anime hahaha :) The 2 games I just bought the other stuff I put around the games was to make the shot more awesome! @Ticasensei @LeonardGrahamJr @Tomoki @NickMcCormick @JayKumor @Jax97 @Winx9119 @Soulstice @Thomasamolina @ChrisCopeland @jjbosy @jjbosy @LuffyNewman @neetyro007 @earthly @RogerNunez @BrandonParantea @DereckTorres @MelissaWonders @kareemalzindani @rexamisprime @EstefanOlivares @JosephCannon @BrittanyBocaneg @Lalaichan14 @AngelofFire12 @koifries @AngelofFire12 @WinterWolf027 @WinterWolf027 @DamianWalker @SSJAKUMA5 @amobigbang @aaronred888 @SSJAKUMA5 @JordanSwihart @JordanSwihart @DenisseSanchez @Tomoki @Tomoki @IsraelCruz @ChangoLeon @JimTurpen @InVinsybll @AngelMartinez1 @soulfeast83 @GeovanyAguilar @Sharia @Nyan @KarenDonley @EmilianoMacias @HerosBells @HerosBells @Mikazuki1 @halorblood @bcox5027 @DominatorD123 @JacobRivas @pramodsingh @Kitty9454 @MichaelCochran @AnasiaLaureano @jonathan11 @nena2kris1 @paultipps323 @yulissab2015 @AwsomeCarp @BobbieStinson @AnnaArai @EmilianoMacias @KarenDonley @GeovanyAguilar @JosiahQuick @HerosBells @Mikazuki1 @bcox5027 @JacobRivas @EvanNguyen
@Miichi now ive played it and its EXTREMLY AWESOME lol
@Ticasensei lol haven't tried it yet cause I want to finish the series lol (which I'm almost done with by the way lol)
@UzumakiJess awesome!😄😃 :)
how is it+
I have the same hat of Ace's!