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Kinobody Warrior Shredding Program: http://udskambulk.xyz Today is the start of week 3 of the Kinobody Warrior Shredding Program. I actually gained 1 lb since last week and I know why. I haven't been motivated recently due to personal issues going on. Lack of discipline when it comes to eating is playing a big role. I have the I don't care feeling because I'm content with where I am now. My goal is to get down to around 10% body fat and this is not going to happen unless I make some changes to make it happen. I'm human just like you and these videos are here to help motivate the people that haven't started yet, or have been working out but not seeing changes. You have to be honest with yourself and ask if you're really giving it 100% effort. I know I'm not and the results show it. So what do I have to do to get out of this funk? I have to dig deep and figure out my "why?" Why am I going after this goal? Next I have to commit to my calorie deficit and quit finding ways to make excuses to justify what I'm eating. I went to a sushi buffet on Friday and I stuffed my face all because it was my kid's promotion from school. I should of controlled myself but I didn't. The Mr. Olympia Fit Expo is in September and I would like to be near my goal by then. I won't put a time limit on my goal so there's no added pressure but this September will be a great midway point to see where I'm at. If you're serious about losing weight, getting in shape or even bulking up, then now is the time to get started! I have to practice what I preach so I'm making the commitment now that I will stay on track and by next week I will make progress! Happy Monday!