CREDIT TO: SOOMPI.COM THIS MADE ME SO UPSET. I KNEW JUNGKOOK WAS UNCOMFORTABLE BECASUE IT WAS OBVIOUS... AND THEN THIS HAPPENS?! I AM SOOO MAD. NO WONDER KOOKIE BABY KEPT MAKING ALL THESE SAD LITTLE FACE ㅠㅠ HE WAS ONLY TRYING TO TAKE CARE OF HIS SUNBAES AND CREW MEMBERS AND HE GETS REJECTED LIKE THAT. LIKE... DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHO YOU JUST REJECTED. THIS MAKES ME SO UPSET. I TOOK A FEW SCREENSHOTS AND YOU CAN TELL HE WAS UNCOMFORTABLE. THE ARTICLE FROM SOOMPI IS DOWN BELOW.... I WILL ALWAYS CHEER FOR YOU KOOKIE!! After the first episode of new variety show “Flower Crew,” viewers have criticized some of the cast for theircomments and actions towards fellow cast members Jungkook of BTS and actorKim Min Suk. “Flower Crew” features a cast of six guys (Jungkook, Kim Min Suk,Jo Se Ho, Ahn Jung Hwan, Seo Jang Hoon, and Yoo Byung Jae) taking a trip together. The show is broadcast live, and viewers’ votes (through V app’s “hearts”) determine what kind of things the guys will be doing. On June 6’s first episode, the cast is told that the member with the most “hearts” from viewers willbecome the team leader of the “flower path” team, who will choose two other membersto stay with him in a luxury villa. The member with the fewest“hearts” will be the team leader of the “dirt path” team and choose members to stay with him in a small stone house. In the first episode, Jungkook arrivesat the filming location with a bag full of hamburgers for his cast members, happily handing them to the group. He smiles as he describes how big the burgers are and what’s inside them to the camera, but then Jo Se Ho says, “I think these are leftovers.” The other guys object to his comment, and Jungkook says, “No, they’re new!” Jo Se Ho then hands two of the hamburger containers to Jungkook, saying “Forget it,” and walks away. Jungkook then turns to the camera and says, “They didn’t take them…” while holding out the containers. Netizens have commented, “Where did you learn that it was okay to say ‘I think these are leftovers’ to a youngdongsaengwho bought you hamburgers?” and “Even if you can’t take good care of a youngdongsaengwho’s on his first ever variety show, was there really a need to tell him off like that?” Another says, “He looked so embarrassed. Of course it’s variety, but that was too much.” Later on, Kim Min Suk and Yoo Byung Jae areeating the hamburgers when Jo Se Ho turnsto Kim Min Suk and says, “You’re stuffing it all in your face?” The rude and informal language he used to say this has surprised manyviewers. Seo Jang Hoon has also been under fire for seemingly trying to ride the coattails of Jungkook’s popularity by making comments about their closeness, and ignoring Kim Min Suk when he read out a comment by a fantelling him to stop it because Jungkook seemed uncomfortable. Seo Jang Hoon also repeatedly complained about the voting system, claiming that it was unfair. In addition, viewers have been criticizing the show itself for using a format in which it seems inevitable that Jungkook would be the winner, due to BTS’s huge fanbase and their popularity on V app. Meanwhile, Jungkook seemed uncomfortable with the idea of being team leader on the show, and even mouthed to viewers, “Don’t pick me, don’t pick me!” After being made to feel uncomfortable due to his popularity, Jungkook also told viewers that he wanted to experience something difficult like being on the“dirt path” team. One netizen says, “Popular Jungkook was uncomfortable, and Jo Se Ho who didn’t have many ‘hearts’ was also uncomfortable. Why on earth was this made?” What do you think of this controversial new show andsome of the cast’sactions?
THERE ARE CHILDREN DYING IN AFRICA OF STARVATION TAKE THE DAMN HAMBURGER! but the thing about bullies is that there are international. jealousy knows all cultures. clearly thoes two felt insignificant.
It's So sad when it's his first variety show that he being being treated rudely, they could at least treat him better knowing it's his first time He even didn't want to be team leader because of them :(
I don't think this variety show should continue. Even though its Jungkook's first variety show, it needs to be boycotted. It upsets me so much on how they were treating Jungkook. 😠
oh ok I need to check that out. thanks @adelinlin for letting me know. I was about to go to bed upset ☺
He shouldn't be treated like that when he was only trying to be nice
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