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Here's part seven!
You wake up around 7 in the morning. You start to get ready as soon as you wake up. I mean, you do want to look good for Mark. After about 15 minutes of getting ready, you get a cute text from Mark saying.. "Good Morning ". You start to blush immediately. You continue to get ready, wondering what makeup your going to wear, clothes, hair. Once you get just a pair of skinny jeans on and a white crop top and some Converse, you start on your hair and makeup. Once your done with that, you realize it's 11:13, and it takes you a while to get to the park, so you call your uber and go! Once the driver pulls into the parking lot you see Mark. "Hey! You look great! Want to go get some ice cream?", he says. You nod and go wait in line. Both you and Mark decide on some chocolate ice cream, and when he orders he says a large cup and whispers to you that you guys can share. You find a bench and, sit by Mark eating the ice cream away. One time a bird scared you so much that you got so close to Mark. After talking about your dreams and just what's going on, there falls silence. After a couple minutes of silence Mark looks at you, and just smiles. You then both decided to just walk around the park and talk. The first few minutes you were walking there was silence. Then once again you see Mark staring at you. He then says something but you can't hear what he said. So you ask him to repeat himself, and he says... "I just wanted to say that you look really good and I hope that we can go on a second date." "Of course we will go on a second date! I really enjoyed this one.", you say. Then he walks you home and you guys get to know each other more and setting the second date for next week.
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