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Mature language
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Today is going to be our 3rd year wedding anniversary and I’ve finally decided confess my feeling for him. I was very nervous because from the very start I knew he didn’t liked the idea of being with me never less being married to me. On my way to my house i stopped at the playground in front of my house and watched the kids play around and remember ever thing that has happen between me and Jin.
Flash back ~~~
“WHAT! I can’t get married not now not with her I'm still young I want to live my life!” Jin said to both his and her parents “why are you guys doing this to me” Jin asked his parents “omma, appa you know I don’t like her, I HATE HER!!”
“I know you don’t like the idea of being with her but please just bare with it for just 3 years please. You know our family is struggling financially and we need their partnership so we don’t end on the streets” Jin’s moms explain
While Jin and his parents were arguing back and forth, Y/N was just watching and thinking that maybe she shouldn’t had proposed for her and Jin’s marriage. She knew that he never even looked at her and was always making her life a living hell but she loved him too much for her to let him go. She was lost in her thought until a voice got her back to reality. “What do you think of this stupid idea? You’re also against it right Y/N?”
“Uh…..what?” Y/N asked looking at them all confused because she didn’t who had asked her, her opinion
“I asked you what you think of this stupid idea. You’re also against it RIGHT?!” Jin asked with anger in his tone. “I….umm..I…err... I don’t know I'm ok with it I guess. If it’s going to help with your company I don’t mind” Y/N said not sure if she really was ok with this she knew her answer pissed Jin off but she had bet everything she had for him there was no turning back at this point.
“what you must be fucking kidding me y/n I'm not going to fucking marry you I fucking hate you” Jin yelled at y/n’s face before storming out of his house and driving away as fast as he could.
5 months later (wedding day)
“I can’t believe you’re really making go to hell” Jin said to his parents “omma, appa please don’t make me do this I already have someone I love, someone I want to marry and live the rest of my life with” Jin said with watery eyes but to no good “ please just do this for us just this once please Jin we really need this I don’t want our family to end up on the streets please son” Jin’s dad said with tears rolling down his cheeks “please my dears son just this once uh, uh, once the 3 years are over you can divorce her but for now just be patient ok?”
Time skip ~~ (1 month after the wedding)
Y/N was coming early from work she had stop at the super marker to buy groceries to make a special dinner for Jin since it was his birth day and she didn’t had the chance to make him sewed soup in the morning. When she arrived home she smiling to her self-thinking about things was finally starting to get good between Jin and her. When she opens the door she heard strange noises coming from her bedroom she was a bit suspicious but did give much thought to it. She started to prepare dinner and the sewed soup for Jin. When everything was don she when walked to her room to wake up Jin if he was asleep and let him know that diner was ready. When she opened the door she was stopped by the scene before her eyes. She was shocked and didn’t know how to react. Because in front of her was Jin and her so called best friend Jessie naked on her bed, the same bed she shared with Jin.
“J…J.JIN?!” Was all she could say because other words wouldn’t come out? Y/N just stood there in shock, confusion and anger all at the sometime.
“Y/N!!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE???!!!” Jin said surprised “you’re not supposed to be home for another 3 hours. Why are you early?”
“You’re asking me what I'm doing here.” Y/N asked with amusement “I live here!! I’m your wife, YOUR FUCKING WHIFE WHAT ELSE AM I SUPPOSED TO BE DOING HERE HU?!!” Y/N asked with anger in her voice
“You know what I fucking mean Y/N why are you so early?” Jin said with anger
“It’s your fucking birth day and I was feeling bad that I couldn’t make you sewed soup in the morning so I asked if I could leave early today from work.” Y/N explains “but I guess I was wrong. Now I'm sure I'm not wanted here I’ll leave you so you can enjoy present to the fullest.” Y/N with a sad smile on her face. She left the room and looked for her phone and purse and started to put her shoes on. When she was opening the front door she felt harm wrap around her waist
“You didn’t have to come walk me out. I’ll walk out by myself and try to hold on to the small pride I have left so please let me go and go back you your one night stand she’s probable waiting for you” Y/N said with a sad cold tone “I was a fool thinking that thing were starting to get better between us but as always it’s just me who gets her hopes up, I'm not saying this to make you feel guilty so don’t think about it too much ok. But if you somehow feel a bit of guilt and maybe somewhere deep inside you, you care about me then please let me go and I really do hope you enjoy what I’ve made for you today” with she took Jin’s arms away from her and walked out the door and left a half-naked Jin standing at the door. When she was out of the house she walked towards the playground in front of her house and sat on the bench.
“Hey are you ok? Pretty ladies like you shouldn’t cry” a stranger asked
“N...NE?” Y/N asked “I was just curious as to why you were crying I bet you look even more pretty smiling than crying” the stranger said “I'm not crying why would you think that” Y/N asked the stranger “I ask because you are crying see” the stranger said whipping Y/N tears with his thumb. Y/N hadn’t noticed when she started to cry or how long she’s been crying for
“Uh…oh I didn’t notice I was crying sorry” Y/N said whipping her tears with her sleeve “why?” the stranger asked “why what?” asked Y/N confuse “why are you saying sorry. Crying Is nothing to be sorry about you shouldn’t apologize” he said “oh I don’t know why I said sorry I guess I'm maybe used to saying it sorry” Y/N said giving a small bow “again with the sorry stop saying sorry ok” he said with a playful smile
“sorry I just….wait who are you why am I taking to you?” Y/N said realizing she’s been talking with a complete stranger “oh sorry my bad I forgot to introduce myself” he said with a warm smile “hi my name is Jimin. Park Jimin nice to meet you” said jimin standing up and giving Y/N a 90 degree bow
“I…um…hi jimin my name is Y/N” said Y/N bowing as well “I know who you are I’ve seen you in the office” Jimin said “you work at the law firm? I’ve never seen you around the office are you sure you’re not mistaken me with someone else?” she said
“ I don’t work there” he answered “then how do you know me? Are you…..a pervert?” she said “EHYY… no I don’t work there but my step brother Namjoon and my boyfriend Yoongi do” he explain “err….boyfriend? As in your lover being a guy?” she said surprised “yeah why something wrong with me going out with a guy” he asked kind of annoyed “NO NO NO NO!!!!! It’s just …you know well…you know?”
“No I don’t know” he said annoyed “but anyways why were you crying?” he asked “there’s must off been a really big thing for you to cry and not notice it” he said “we can go to my place and talk about it I think both my boyfriend and step-brother are home right now”
At first Y/N wasn’t sure about it but she thought to herself that she really needs someone to talk about what happen to her today. After 10 minutes of walking they arrived at jimin’s house they went inside and talked almost all night until Y/N cried herself to sleep. The next day when she woke up she remember everything that happened the night before. When she was leaving she decided to leave a note for jimin saying she was leaving and that she would leave her contact info just in case he would want to be friends and talk again.
When she got home she noticed that Jin had eating the food and that he had left for work. Deep down Y/N hoped that things would go back to how it was. But she knew those things were going to change and not for the better good.
Month after month Y/N would purposely come home late because Jin was still cheating on her. For a few months it was Jessie but later on he changed girls every week, it hurt Y/N but she loved him too much to let him go. Well that’s what she though.
She kept in touch with jimin. She would kill time with her 3 new friend’s Jimin, Namjoon, and Yoongi.
Jin’s POV
I'm doing it!! I’ve made up my mind and there’s no going back. I can’t and I won’t back out
I really do care and appreciate Y/N. that’s why I can’t keep on doing this to her I’ve come to care for her during this past years and she deserves to be happy and I really do want her to be happy so I’ve made my decision I’ll ask her today when she comes home I have everything prepared *keys raddling* she’s here it’s now or never
“Jin? What are you doing up so late?” Y/N asked “did your guest leave already?” she asked coldly
“Y/N I have something to ask you” he said to Y/N while fallowing her to the kitchen
“You made food! For me? For us?” Y/N asked with shocked face. She knew something was going on because Jin never made food her. Only when he wanted something from her
“this is not easy for me because I’ve come to care for you and what I'm going to ask you is something that I’ve been thing over and over for the past 6 months” Jin said very nervous. “Y…..Y/N…um……will you please……………
To be continued<<<<<<<<<
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