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Seungri: 알았어요형 갈께요 (a-ra-sso-yo-hyung kal-kke-yo) I got it hyung, I'll leave TOP: 사랑해 내동생 (Sa-rang-hae ne-dong-saeng) I love you, my dongsaeng TOP: * inserts hug and kiss emoji* GD: ㅋㅋㅋㅋ귀엽다둘다 (ㅋㅋㅋ gwi-yob-da-dul-da) LOL both of you are cute TOP: 너도 귀여워 (No-do gwi-yo-wo) You are cute too Vocabulary: 알았다: okay, got it 형: older brother 갈게요: future of 가다= go 사랑해: love 내동생: 내=my 동생=little brother 귀엽다둘다: 귀엽다:cute 둘다:both 너도: 너= you 도= too 귀여워: cute Credit: To bb.translations on IG I actually understood this whole conversation 🙀. But I included the credit because I verified just in case. This was actually posted on G Dragon's IG but I thought it was too 귀여워 not to post it 😆. GD captioned this with "Big Seung Hyun and Little Seung Hyun". TOP flirting with Seungri and making sure GD doesn't feel left out 👌. Fighting GTOP and Nyongtory! 😂. Tag List: @JackieG1617
i know i can read their characters but ....hehe i only can comprehend only a few studying the words now 😂😂😱
omg ikrr I saw that too and was so happy I could understand it