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My hands were shaking so bad it looked like I probably had Parkinson's Disease, but I quickly tried to stop them by folding my arms. "Yes." We both answered simultaneously, earning us a sweat drop. I hope this doesn't affect our chance at a job. Anong must have thought the same thing for she was shaking her foot nonstop while twiddling her thumbs. The man before us smirked before chuckling. What's so funny mister? "That's great! Now onto the interview." Good god. I wonder what the rest of the questions will be like. It lasted for about 30 minutes before he said, "How about we show you around the building? Since you will be working here starting next week." We have the job!? Wait, what is the job? "But first, you must be confused as to what your jobs will be. Tou Anong, you will be working as a singing coach and a main manager. I've heard of your work before and would love it if you could work for us and help out the trainees." He clapped his hands, admiring her work from the past. His eyes were filled with hope, awaiting her answer while standing up from seat. She nodded her head eagerly. "I would love to. I'd be honoured sir. Thank you!" Anong bowed a full 90 degree angle several time before I tapped her back, signalling her to stop. Wonder what my job is! The man, whose name was Bang Sihyuk, looked over to me squinting a little before clasping his hands together. "As for you Nari Hatai, you will be our new choreographer and an assistant manager." Score! He continued while walking to where I stood, "I've heard very good things about your choreography classes and looked into one of your old jobs and your social skills are well. Are you able to do them both?" I nodded my head, bowing only once. "Of course, sir. Thank you for this opportunity." I put some hair behind my ear before letting it loose again, falling back into it's place. "Well, shall we begin the tour?" We all walked out of his room and hopped into the elevator. "The entire top floor is just offices and I assume neither of you want to see boring rooms with desks in them." He chuckled at his own comment and we joined in a little. I wouldn't mind at all. I love looking at the different ways people portray their taste into their work. It can get quite unique, let me tell you that. Ding! The elevator stopped, and the doors opened letting us walk out while following Bang Sihyuk to wherever. Anong and I looked at each other with looks of happiness, our entire faces smiling with joy. I winked at her, earning a giggle and of course, the rolling of eyes. Why don't you accept my affections? I mouthed to her, earning a scoff and a wink back. See? Was it that hard? We had always done this growing up. It was a normal thing but to others it wasn't. Can't my best friend and I just wink at each other? No. Not to society, but we do it anyways. Such rebels we are. The man stopped us in front of a silver door with a blurred window in the middle. "This is the room our trainees practice dancing in." Opening the door, we earned a lot of heads turn our way. Everyone looked from about 7 to 20 years old. The room itself was huge. Enough to fill at least a small concert. "Hatai, this is where you will be working." He walked in, and us following suit. The room was dead silent and all you could hear were our footsteps leading to the front of the room. Everybody stood up and greeted Mr. Bang simultaneously, while in sync. "Hello Mr. Bang!" They bowed at 90 degrees and he bowed back, but just with his head. "Hello trainees! I hope you have been working hard! This here," he said while pointing to me, "is your new choreography teacher. Her name is Nari Hatai but you will address her by what she wishes. As you are fully aware of what happened to our last one we got a new one." Murmuring was heard throughout the room and one comment stood out the most to me. "She looks like she's 17." I silently thanked whoever had said that. Good to know I look young! "Please treat her well!" "Hello, my name is Nari Hatai but you may address me by Nari. Please treat me well!" I bowed while introducing myself. "Hello Nari! Welcome to Big Hit!" Wow, how nice. Wish I got that at my old jobs! I laughed a little at myself, earning some weird stares while others smiled back at me. This is going to be so much fun! "Who is that other girl with her?" A comment from a boy that wore nerd glasses, a green and white striped collared shirt paired with blue straight jeans and black converse.His height was probably around 5'8 and he had a slim figure. In my opinion he was pretty cute but he looked to be younger than me so I wouldn't chance it. Mr. Bang and I looked to Anong whose face was flushed red as a beat. She legitimately almost matched the colour of some girl's hair that was in the room. "That Yonming is Tou Anong, your new vocal coach. Please treat her well." She bowed before the class earning the same reaction as I had once before. We both giggled at each other before Mr. Bang continued speaking. "Okay trainees! Back to practice! We have some important business to attend to." And with that all three of us left and walked down another hallway to stop in front of another door. Mr. Bang hesitated before turning around to face us. "Now, please do not freak out. These are some well known people here in South Korea and do not want to disturb them in any way possible. Got it?" He raised his eyebrows at us while pointing at both of us. We nodded our heads quickly answering him with a "Got it." He slowly opened the door earning lots of screaming and yelling from boys. God they are loud. I kid you not, it felt like I almost burst an eardrum. "Bang PD Nim! What are you doing here!? It's been a while?" He chuckled at their reactions. They still didn't know we were there for we were hidden behind the door. "Nothing much boys! How is your dance practice coming along? Is it getting better?" A whole bunch of groans good be heard throughout the inside of the room. I'm guessing that they haven't been getting it. It's okay, they will eventually. They always do. "It's been getting a little better but we are still stuck on the timing for this one part." I heard more groans but this time of agreement. It's that rough? Huh, that sucks. "Is that so? Well, I am sorry to hear that. You guys can take a break for I have some people I would like you to meet. Come in girls!" His voice booming from the inside of the room, and out into the hallway. You could literally sense their confusion as to what he is talking about. Their murmurs soft but still heard, "Girls? What about girls?" Anong and I gave each other a thumbs up before slowly stepping into the room, earning cheers around the room. "Anong!? Hatai!? What are you guys doing here!?" The boys were practically screaming with joy and hugging each other. Jin and Namjoon were shocked but you could tell they were overjoyed to see us. Yoongi and Jimin were spinning each other around looking like the ultimate OTP I have always loved. Yoonmin all the way! Hoseok, Taehyung and Jungkook were playing ring around rosies with each other, or at least that's what it looked like. Mr. Bang looked ultimately confused. His face said it all. "Calm down boys!" They immediately stopped what they were doing and got into a line. "Do you guys know each other?" We all nodded our heads, while looking down. Mr. Bang looked between Anong and I to the boys and continued on like this till he finally stopped, looking back at them. "How did you guys meet?" "Jungkook actually had met Hatai while grabbing kimchi and ended up taking the ones she wanted but didn't see her." Jungkook and I nodded our heads while chuckling. Sad, but true story. I still can't believe he couldn't see me! Like, how can you not!? Jimin continued, "Then Anong came into the picture meeting Jungkook, when Taehyung and I were looking for him and ended up meeting them." Mr. Bang looked a little confused while taking in the story. "So if you five met in the store how did the rest of you meet?" Before anyone could answer Taehyung answered for us. "They met at their house." He said it so bluntly but he couldn't lie or else that would be rude so might as well tell the truth. Mr. Bang's facial expression changed dramatically. His eyebrows furrowed while his lips parted a little and his hand went up to scratch his head. "You met at their house!? When?" "Three days ago, I believe." Taehyung replied. Ugh, that boy. This time it was my turn to speak. "It was two days ago that we all met while having dinner at Anong and I's house. It was great to meet them and we all had a wonderful time with each other." Mr. Bang nodded his head, finally understanding it all. "Well in that case. I'm glad you all know each other. Nari Hatai, Tou Anong, your jobs will be easier than I thought." Our jobs? What? I raised my eyebrows while leaning in a little, clearly confused and wanting more information. "Bangtan I want you to meet your new assistant manager, Nari Hatai and your main manager Tou Anong." Wait, what?
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