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I feel bad for these two as they try their best to please their elders their sumbae. A lot of fans are upset for the treatment of both of these boys. Jungkook was being the Golden Maknae he is and bought everyone a hamburger. Some took them and others made comments that the were leftovers. Are you serious? He was being nice on giving you food like a good young man he is. And then his popularity with the votes. Jungkook asked the fans not to vote for him and that I made him feel uncomfortable. There were comments on how unfair it was because of BTS popularity with their fans. I know some ARMYS listened and voted for the others. hopefully day 2 will be better and everyone will get along. full article link below
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@CallMeMsDragon amen I agree. I don't think they know how much the younger boys look up to them. I guess Jungkook will never do that again to those elders.