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Day 7: your anime crush: So this should come to no surprise since my profile pic is GGO Kirito...but Kirito has stolen my heart. Doesn't matter what avatar, in IRL, whether he has spiky hair or pointy ears; I have a major crush on Kirito. He is just adorably naive when it comes to girls, is so awkward its cute, and has the biggest heart. He reminds me of my fiance, who is also a huge gamer, super cute, a little socially awkward and would do anything for me.
And let me tell you, I tried to move on. Usually I go through anime boy crush phases, depending on what anime I am watching. I started out crushing on Edward Elric and then moved on to Rin from Blue Exorcist. Then I watched SAO....and found myself crushing hard on this raven-haired guy. I mean, I thought I would have moved on by now. I watched Hyouka and thought Oreki-san was cute and then I watched Amagi Brillant Park and absolutely adored Seiya Kanie. But in the end, I caught myself just crushing on other anime boys who resembled Kirito. I mean Kanie could totally be Kirito's older hot brother...just sayin.
So here we are, 7 months later. Kirito is still on my craft room wall, my desktop and on my ipad background....sigh....I just can't quit you, Kirito-kun.