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....I did say I was terrible at updating...? It's been too long since my last Kyuhyun Friday and Super Junior you go... I mean, who doesn't need a flower boy spam from time to time?
First and must have a little, have you seen this guy? (>.<) Plus, lately, he's learned how to properly part his hair and he shows of part of his forehead and he just looks so good (/.\)
Next is...Jinwoo from Winner :) I started listening to Winner because of my friend last year...but I just watched WinnerTV and I'm dying because they're all so adorable, especially this guy. Seriously, how many times can you possibly get lost? And how can you be such a fluffy human being? (/.\)
Now, you can't have a flower boy spam and not include Jin from just can't. It's not allowed.
You also can't forget the ever wonderful and the very cute GD... ;)
And now we have Jaehyo from Block B... :), however much I love Kyuhyun, there are other flower boys in Super Junior...for now, I'll simply show off the one and only Donghae... :)
Well, there are so many flower boys out there...but these guys are some of my favorites. If you can think of others, let me know ;) Honorable Mentions: Taehyung (BTS) Jungkook (BTS) Suga (BTS) Jimin (BTS) (Really, every single guy in BTS are flower boys...seriously...especially Namjoon in a suit and Hoseok with his hair up) Taehyun (Winner) Mino (Winner) TOP (Big Bang) Seungri (Big Bang) Taeyang (Big Bang) Daesung (Big Bang) Siwon (Super Junior) Leeteuk (Super Junior) Heechul (Super Junior) Ryeowook (Super Junior) Yesung (Super Junior) know what...all Kpop guys are flower boys...
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love this kyuhyun oppa and jin 😍😍😍😍😍😍
I love this πŸ’˜