Walk to the Future Chapter 5: New Rifts

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Language is used

Jacksons Pov
Jackson sat on JB’s bed, however it was silent now after he spent about thirty minutes crying. JB just sat there though, not saying anything, not even asking him what was the matter, however he did the best he did to comfort him while having his arm wrapped around him. “I’m sorry” Jackson finally breaks the silence.
“For what?”
“It’s not just that is it?”
“I’m just sorry.”
Jb sighs and pulls Jackson closer. It okay though because it makes Jackson happy even though he’s really not. He misses mark already, and it’s his fault why Mark is gone, he knows that. He was cruel to him mark and he really needs to let all this crap out. “I want to talk to you JB, I want to tell what happened between mark and i.” JB nods as a motion for Jackson to continue. “Just listen okay, don’t say anything until im done talking.” Jb nods in approval again signifying that Jackson could continue. “The reason why mark and I are fighting is partially because he lied to me however the other reason was because of you. You know how mark asked me to go with him once he left the group, and since he wa- is my best I was willing to go with him. However then he told me his feeling for me but I rejected him telling him I would never have any romantic intention towards him because there is- was somebody else and that I would always love him but like a brother. However not only did I know to use words that would hurt him but I purposely avoided him for about three days, I didn’t answer any of his phone calls or his text messages and I locked our bedroom door on him multiple times so he had to stay outside of our room. Not only that but I moved my seat away from him at the table and I didn’t even make eye contact with him. Which is probably what led him to lie to me about the schedules, because ,he didn’t want to see me after all of that. “
“so what does that have to do with me?”
“I told you not to say anything until I was finished, and I said there was someone else didn’t i.” it took jb few seconds to understand what Jackson was talking about. “someone like me.” Jacksons face started to grow red so jb tried to change the conversation.
“why did you ignore him.”
“because I felt-I felt bad for him.” Jackson knew it didn’t make since, it didn’t to himself either.
“so you got mad at mark for lying to you because he didn’t want to see you, but you rejected him, avoided him, distanced yourself from him and even locked him out of his own room, that’s extremely selfish Jackson!” Jackson really did feel bad and he was going to apologize to the eldr until mark came to collect all his stuff. “I know.”
“come on lets get ready for practice, the van is gonna be here in an hour .”
Jackson didn’t know why but as jb left his bedroom he oddly felt like this is the feeling mark had, a feeling of rejection.
Dance practice was awful , Jackson was distracted, Jb – surprise, surprise was standing the farthest distance away from him. Not only that but every line and verse that mark had the room became silent and only marks voice could be heard. After it end Yugyeom excuses himself to go to the bathroom however on the way out of the practice room he glares at Jackson, then retreats into the hall way. Jackson on the other hand is shocked because Yugyeom has never glared at any of the members before, not even junior when he is making snappy comments. So why was he glaring at Jackson. Jackson was about to get up and follow him until bambam excused himself to the bathroom as well shaking his head at Jackson “I’ll talk to him”. Great another person who is upset with him. What a week he is having. However he can’t wallow in self-pity because jb takes a seat right next to him.
“Hey” Jackson looks at jb with astonishment because he is practically used to the other ignoring him. “h-hi”
“why are you acting like that, you act as if ive never talked to you before.” It’s just that you’ve never looked like you were trying to peer into my soul before. “sorry Im just a little bit tired.”
“I see well…any way I came over here cause I wanted to tell you something. I think you should talk to yugyeom he doesn’t seem to happy with you at the moment and judging by what he said about you when I asked him what was up you should do it quick” Like I thought. “Also…about earlier… I don’t want you to think that I did not acknowledge your feelings, I do but…”
“You don’t like men do you?”
“I you mean that I don’t like you, then I do.” Jb sighs frowning a little bit but continues on “ I just think you should think it through…we should think it through before anything we might regret happens.”
“we or you because my mind is already made up.”
Jb gets up because the manager has told them it’s time to get back to practice and bambam and yugyeom re-enter the room, but as yugyeom passes Jackson and jb he glares at the both of them. “we’ll talk about this later but seriously talk to yugyeom, he is upsetting me.”
The rest of practice was tiring and annoying since yugyeom tripped Jackson every chance he got, once making Jackson bump into Jb and both ended up blushing uncontrollable. Trying to continue dancing as well as possible and avoid bambam’s scrutinizing gazes as well.
When he got back to the dorm he immediately crashed on the couch and Jb takes a sit across from him. “are you ready to hear what I have to say about- about us. “ Jackson groans but he gets up in order to face Jb “okay.” “I want to give this a try, to have a relationship with you.” “really?” “yes I do however you need to fix this whatever it is between you a yugyeom.” “fine.” Jb hugs Jackson and apologizes for calling him irritating and Jackson happily replies that the leader is forgiven. Jb gets up and leaves Jackson to ponder whether or not he should get up to go talk to yugyeom or not and the first option reigns victorious. Jackson make his way toward Yugyeom and Juniors bedroom and knocks on the door. And he’s nervous that this isn’t going to go the way Jb wants it to. Junior opens the door, with another glare shot at Jackson. “what? Im tired.”
“ I need to talk to yugyeom.”
“ I can tell you with out even asking him that he doesn’t want to talk to you, and neither do I personally.”
“Junior I don’t have time for you crap!” Junior walks away from the door only to return with an obviously reluctant yugyeom. “there now talk.” Junior says before walking away.
“what do you want, couldn’t this have waited until…I don’t know never” yugyeom says with disgust and another glare.
“what’s your issue I haven’t done anything to you.”
“Exactly, but you did to mark, and you’re exactly the reason why he left.
“I know and I’m sorry. I wanted to apologize.”
“but you didn’t and when he came back yesterday you could’ve and you still didn’t”.
“this has nothing to do with you Yugyeom.”
“ it has everything to do with me.”
“how so?”
“because I was the one who comforted mark when you had a stick up your ass those three days. I was the one who saw all those tears, and to see the person you love ,be in so much pain, it’ll make you have ill will towards the person who is responsible Jackson , so do me a favor Jackson for your own good and fuck off, or I’ll make sure you regret it. Oh and one more thing. Your ass better hope that mark come back soon.” Jackson doesn’t even have enough time to reply because yugyeom slams the door in his face.
Great! What have you done Jackson?