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I wanted to do a Jungkook fanfic, but just tell me what topic, person, and general idea of the fanfic! Thankx!

That's all folks!!!! Comment if you want me to write some other fics!!

You were finally at your new school in Busan. Since you were a American foreigner, you thought you wouldn't fit in. "Good thing I caught up on my Korean studies." you thought. You went to your first class which was English. Since you were the brave type, you just stepped in. "Hello! I'm y/n! Nice to meet you! Treat me well!" You said in fluent Korean. The teacher finally spoke up. "Oh so you must be the new student. I'm miss Kim. Hmmmm... go sit right next to Jungkook. Oh!!! Jungkook raise your hand!" She said with a giddy smile. Wow. She's happy. A VERY handsome guy raised his hand up high. I started walking down the aisle all the way back to where that cute boy was. You finally sat down and in a couple minutes in the class, You feel eyes on you. You end up just shrugging it off and paid attention to why miss Kim was gonna pass out. You suddenly see a test. "Oh really?! A test on the first day?!" you whined. After she passed out the test one by one, you got started. "Wow. This is my language!!" you said but whispered. You were just scrolling through the test while most people were still on question 3. After you were done, you were about to raise your hand until you seen the cute boy named Jungkook struggling with his test. You tapped his shoulder and he looked at you and smiled. "Yes?" His smile was absolutely adoring to you. "You seemed to be struggling. The teachers' not here. I could help you!" you whispered. "That would be great!" Jungkook whispered back. So you ended up explaining English in about 10-20 minutes. "Thanks." he said normally. "No problem!" you smiled and he smiled back. The moment was ruined when the teacher came back in the room. " ok class. Hand over tests." All the student including you ad Jungkook got up to give her your tests. Suddenly the bell rang for lunch. Everybody ran to the door almost toppling you over. "Are you ok y/n?" You looked up to see the handsome Jungkook staring down at you. He suddenly pulled out his hand for you. While he was pulling you up, you saw his flexed muscles. He suddenly spoke up "Hey! We should hang put in the café after school!" He said while blushing. "Ummm sure why not?" His smile grew as you both walked to lunch. After school, you waited in the café for Jungkook. It actually didn't take him that long to get there. You both ordered a caramel machiatto and laughed, talked, also shared secrets. That night you thought it was the best day ever.
something romantic but dangerous at the sametime
You could always do a Reader x Jungkook fic. I'm not sure what you're best at writing but fluff is usually the easiest. Topic could be school au where you're a new student and Jungkook falls for you. Maybe??